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Junk Bond Re-Test

Is The Junk Bond Sell-Off Over?

Written by Jesse Colombo | Jan, 16, 2019

In late-November, I warned that plunging oil prices and the bursting of a Fed-driven bubble in the shale energy industry would also cause a bust in high-yield or “junk” bonds…

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The U.S. Auto Boom Is Coming To An End

Written by Jesse Colombo | Jan, 7, 2019

Bloomberg just published a piece explaining why the post-Great Recession U.S. auto sales boom is coming to an end: Carmakers have enjoyed an extended run of near-record U.S. sales and fat profits….

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Why Gundlach Is Still Wrong About Higher Rates

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 24, 2018

Last Monday, Jeff Gundlach, famed bond fund manager and CIO of Doubleline, made an interesting comment during an interview with CNBC when he stated that the 10-year Treasury yield would…

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Weekend Reading: Last Chance For Santa Claus

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 21, 2018

So far, the month of December has sucked. From Powell to Gundlach, to Trump, and a falling oil prices, there hasn’t been much “holiday cheer…” However, with the market very…

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Did The Market Miss Powell’s Real Message?

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 6, 2018

Last week, I discussed the recent message from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell which sent the markets surging higher. “During his speech, Powell took to a different tone than seen previously…

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Weekend Reading: The Powell Put

Written by Lance Roberts | Nov, 30, 2018

All it took was two 10% stock market corrections in a single year and some heavy “browbeating” from President Trump to reverse Jerome Powell’s hawkish stance on hiking interest rates….

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The End Of The Tax Cut Boost

Written by Lance Roberts | Nov, 19, 2018

Last week, I touched on the issue of corporate profits and tax cuts. While the promise was that tax cuts were going to a massive boost to economic growth, the…

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25 Most Valuable

These Are The Headlines You See In A Bubble

Written by Jesse Colombo | Nov, 13, 2018

The world has gone completely startup crazy over the last several years. Spurred by soaring tech stock prices (a byproduct of the U.S. stock market bubble) and the frothy Fed-driven economic…

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