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#MacroView: Is The Fed Stuck With “Forever Stimulus?”

Written by Lance Roberts | Nov 13, 2020

I recently discussed the “Importance of Recessions” and how “Rescues Ruining Capitalism.” While the data is clear that ongoing stimulus programs lead to weaker economic growth and rising wealth gap, is the Fed stuck with “forever stimulus?”

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Why Debt-To-Income Ratios Are Worse Than They Appear

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct 26, 2020

One of the arguments that consumers remain health is that “debt-to-income” ratios are at 40-year lows. Unfortunately, it is an illusion caused by the rising “wealth gap” in America by the top-10% of income earners.

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#MacroView: Policies Over Politics. Whoever Wins, We All Lose

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct 23, 2020

While you are likely confident why your candidate is the best choice, and the opposition is the worst, when it comes to economic prosperity and the financial markets, it is generally better to focus on the “policies,” and not the “politics.”

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The K-Shaped Recovery. A “V” For Some, Not For Most.

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct 12, 2020

Economists have come up with every variation of applying a letter of the alphabet to the economic recovery. Whether it’s an “L,” a “W” or a “V,” there is a letter that suits your view. But what is a “K”-shaped recovery?

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Seth Levine: “Will NYC Die?” It’s Up To You.

Written by Seth Levine | Sep 24, 2020

For now, my life depends on NYC’s fate. I neither want to witness its destruction nor miss its renaissance. This is a trade I want to get right. So what’s it going to be New York? It’s up to you (us).

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