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Clouds on the Horizon : Range Chart Update

Written by Michael Lebowitz | May, 24, 2017

On March 10, 2017, 720Global introduced the Trump Range Chart. Developed to see several different markets on one page, this unique chart provides a composite perspective of many instruments at…

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Weekend Reading: End Of Trumpflation?

Written by Lance Roberts | May, 19, 2017

Interesting…. For the last few months, there have been ongoing issues surrounding the “Russia Connection” and the underlying, and ongoing, investigations into the potential involvement/interference into the Presidential elections. The…

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Weekend Reading: The Drudging Report

Written by Lance Roberts | May, 12, 2017

This…has…to…be…the…most…boring…market…ever. For almost a month now, the market has gone literally nowhere. Despite news of the passing of the American Health Care Act, the Continuing Resolution, or “stellar” earnings reports…nothing seems…

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Weekend Reading: Sentient Illumination

Written by Lance Roberts | May, 5, 2017

With a continuing resolution for $1 Trillion passed this week, which will fund the government for 5-whole months, there seems to be little consideration given to the disconnect between increase debt…

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Volatility: A Misleading Measure of Risk

Written by Michael Lebowitz | May, 4, 2017

“History has not dealt kindly with the aftermath of protracted periods of low risk premiums” – Alan Greenspan The ability to see beyond the observable and the probable is the…

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Playing the Game to Win

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Apr, 26, 2017

What Rick Barry and the Atlanta Falcons can teach us about risk management “Something about the crowd transforms the way you think” – Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist History With 4:45…

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Weekend Reading: Trump Trade Runs Into Trouble

Written by Lance Roberts | Apr, 21, 2017

On Tuesday, I discussed the issuance of the “weekly sell” signal and the implications for the markets over the intermediate term. However, I also stated the markets could well have…

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Passive Negligence II

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Apr, 19, 2017

Almost a year ago, we stumbled upon a topic that is currently generating much discussion in the financial media. In Mm Mm Good, published August 2016, we highlighted the Campbell…

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Weekend Reading: Markets Go On Alert

Written by Lance Roberts | Apr, 14, 2017

In my money management process, portfolio “risk” is “ratcheted” up and down based on a series of signals which tend to indicate when market dynamics are either more, or less,…

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Financialization & The Erosion Of Growth

Written by Benjamin Masters | Apr, 12, 2017

Real Investment Advice welcomes Ben Masters to our growing list of contributors. Benjamin Masters is the creator, designer, and writer for Third Wave Finance, With over ten years of experience working…

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The Forgotten Path to Prosperity

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Apr, 5, 2017

This article, and those that will follow in this series, describes in simple but compelling form several objective truths about the dynamics of scarcity and prosperity and the role they…

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Weekend Reading: Lack Of Perspective

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar, 24, 2017

In this past weekend’s missive I wrote: “Speaking of low volatility, the market has now gone 108-trading days without a drop of 1% for both the Dow and the S&P…

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Echo Chamber

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Mar, 22, 2017

Since the U.S. economic recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, institutional economists began each subsequent year outlining their well-paid view of how things will transpire over the course of the…

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Weekend Reading: Just Buy Everything

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar, 17, 2017

On Wednesday, as I discussed yesterday, the Fed hiked rates and despite the fact that hiking interest rates further tightens monetary policy, thereby reducing liquidity to the markets, the markets…

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