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Investors Starting To Realize “Stagflation” Is A Problem.

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct 18, 2021

Investors are slowly waking up to the realization that “stagflation” is a problem. For years, the term “stagflation” has been dismissed like a sighting of “Bigfoot.” However, rising inflationary pressures are now colliding with slowing economic growth.

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#MacroView: MMT – When Theories Collide With Reality

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug 6, 2021

Previously we discussed Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and its one limitation of inflation. However, as is always the case when “theories” collide with “reality,” the tenants of the theory are quickly discarded.

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The Zero To Negative Multiplier Of Debt On Growth

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun 21, 2021

There is a zero to a negative multiplier of debt on economic growth. The recent spending spree of the Government to facilitate a transition to a socialistic economy requires a massive increase in debt. 

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#MacroView: Yellen & The Big Push To Offshore US Labor

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun 4, 2021

Janet Yellen’s latest commitment to support the Biden progressive agenda from higher taxes, to unionization, will not lead to increased economic prosperity. Instead it will lead to more outsourcing and offshoring of U.S. Labor.

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