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These Are The Headlines You See In A Bubble

Written by Jesse Colombo | Nov, 13, 2018

The world has gone completely startup crazy over the last several years. Spurred by soaring tech stock prices (a byproduct of the U.S. stock market bubble) and the frothy Fed-driven economic…

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The Economic Consequences Of Debt

Written by Lance Roberts | Nov, 12, 2018

Not surprisingly, my recent article on “The Important Role Of Recessions” led to more than just a bit of debate on why “this time is different.” The running theme in the debate was…

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Copper Daily Chart

Recession Ahead? Watch Dr. Copper

Written by Jesse Colombo | Nov, 9, 2018

After selling off this summer, copper has been consolidating over the last couple months and appears to be forming a wedge-type pattern that may indicate another strong move when the…

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The Important Role Of Recessions

Written by Lance Roberts | Nov, 1, 2018

It is a given that you should never mention the “R” word. People assume you mean the end of the world is coming and you are sitting in cash, burying…

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Weekend Reading: Recession Risk Rising

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 26, 2018

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the importance of the S&P 500 as a leading indicator of recessions in the U.S. “The problem with making an assessment about the state of…

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Weekend Reading: Tax Cuts Saved The Economy?

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 19, 2018

IBD recently penned an article touting the success of the recent tax cuts from the Trump administration. “The Treasury Department reported this week that individual income tax collections for FY…

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Weekend Reading: We Are All In….Again!

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 12, 2018

Despite the recent angst in the market over increasing interest rates, there has been little evidence of concern by investors overall. A recent report showed that investors have the LEAST amount…

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The Upcoming Bond Bull Market

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 11, 2018

The worse things seem, the better the opportunities are for profit. Such is the very nature of investing. Baron Rothschild, an 18th-century British nobleman and member of the Rothschild banking…

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Debts & Deficits: A Slow Motion Train Wreck

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 4, 2018

Last Friday, I discussed that without much fanfare or public discussion, Congress decided to push the U.S. into deeper fiscal irresponsibility with the passage of another Continuing Resolution (CR). To wit: “The…

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As Seen On Forbes: Higher Volatility Is Likely Ahead

Written by Jesse Colombo | Oct, 3, 2018

As seen on Forbes by’s Jesse Colombo: “Why Another Market Volatility Surge Is Likely Ahead“: The U.S. stock market is climbing to record highs once again and volatility has calmed…

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Weekend Reading: Fiscal Irresponsibility

Written by Lance Roberts | Sep, 28, 2018

Without much fanfare or public discussion, Congress has decided to push the U.S. into deeper fiscal responsibility. Earlier this week, the House passed another Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the…

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