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About RIA Advisors

At RIA Advisors we focus on building, preserving and protecting our clients’ wealth and guiding them to achieve their financial goals – now and into the future.

At RIA Advisors, we work with a wide range of individuals, families and business clients, providing money management and financial planning services tailored to each client’s needs. Simply put, we’re in the business of helping our clients reach their unique financial objectives. We accomplish this task by taking the time to understand the client’s financial situation, goals and risk tolerance. Based upon this in-depth analysis, we then recommend, develop, implement and monitor their investment portfolio performance.

A holistic approach to financial life planning.

Within RIA Advisors, you’ll find a disciplined team of financial professionals who value our clients and take a holistic approach to your financial life planning, portfolio customization and education about the markets, challenges and opportunities.

We invite you to explore RIA Advisors investment philosophy, experience and commitment and look forward to discussing how we can help you reach your financial goals and aspirations.

“To help our clients reach their unique financial objectives, we take the time to understand their financial situation, goals and risk tolerance.”

Connie Mack

Vision Prism


The Vision Prism is our promise.

Followed by all members of the firm. The entire team (both partners & employees) must commit to it. The client is the center of the prism. The deliverables will be outlined on RIA Advisors letterhead, signed by all, and subsequently sent to the client. The Vision Prism is RIA Advisors’ Promise for everyone to see, our unwavering commitment. If you can’t commit, you can’t be part of the team. Simple. That’s how it works…

Proactive in approach to manage downside risk.

Throughout this market cycle, investments can no longer be classified as “buy and hold.” Instead we employ fundamental and technical analysis to form a customized portfolio exclusive for your situation. We respect your preferences, your point-of-view and we possess a vast knowledge of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, master limited partnerships, alternative investments and managed accounts. We are proud of our open architecture and its design to be integrated as a holistic portfolio view.

RIA Advisors Actively Employs the Latest Technology for Risk Assessment, the Financial Planning Process and for Monitoring Client Accounts.

Technology is a passion at RIA Advisors. We stay current of and utilize cutting-edge applications. We also provide many of these technological benefits to our clients so they may be empowered to work with us together throughout their financial planning process. You’ve worked hard to create wealth; we strive to be your personal “financial board of directors,” with you as the decision maker. No matter what level of involvement you require, RIA Advisors provides you with access to web-based technology to make it easier for you to stay on top of your financial situation. Our responsibility is to make sure your progress along your personalised financial life path moves forward.

RIA Advisors provide Thought with Objectivity as a Main Deliverable.

“Bullish” and “bearish” do not exist in our vocabulary. Market forces are assessed regularly to detect turning points. Remaining objective and data driven prevents us from buying into “stories,” and or media hype about market and economic cycles. We allow data, in addition to academic analysis and a study of history to drive our thinking and both direction. Our higher-level focus promotes a clearness of thought for you and for us. The more we know the more you know. And it’s explained in a manner you will understand. We’re not here to talk “over your head.”

Team Execution of Clear Service Standards.

Here at RIA Advisors service is a key deliverable for every partner and employee. Client calls must be returned the same day. Each client receives and understands that there is clear communication and service plan. Our goal is to make sure we are responsive to your concerns and inquiries. We also do our best to minimize your having to leave a voicemail. We make every effort to make sure you speak with an actual person when you call us.

A Customized, Dedicated Success Path is our Commitment to you.

RIA Advisors was formed in dedication to an overall personalized experience for our client families. For example, the cookie-cutter “risk-tolerance and questionnaires” still used by a majority of brokerage firms, are worthless and yet it appears they’re here to stay, regardless of what’s best for you. Many large financial companies think about compliance and cost first. Then they apply what’s right for you. It’s our commitment to determine what makes you “tick,” interpret your “Risk DNA,” as we work together through uncertain economic times. Our aim is to help you gain greater knowledge of your inner willingness to take on or avoid risky situations regardless of the stock market environment; we hope behavioral analysis makes future financial decisions less stressful for you. We employ a series of enlightening behavioral exercises to help you achieve a greater awareness of your overall relationship with money. These associations, and perceptions, begin early on and help determine the future direction we should take to create a portfolio which fits the life objectives you’re seeking to achieve.

Financial Life Benchmarking is a Crucial Step to your Personal Financial Success.

At RIA Advisors, we partner with you to create individualized financial goal benchmarks. Throughout this market period striving to exceed the returns of a stock market index just for the sake of beating it doesn’t make much sense, especially for the risk you may require in order to accomplish this task. It’s about the discovery of the investment return for you require to meet a milestone in life, like education for a loved one or retirement. From there, our team will provide a portfolio allocation and action plan to help you meet those goals with progress reports along the way, so you know where you stand in relation to these goals.

Educational Empowerment from Receptionist to Planner, RIA Advisors commitment to the client flows throughout the Process.

As your board members we foster an inviting process so you are receptive to discussing important and timely financial topics with us as you experience them. Every question is a good question as we have a mission to educate our clients as much as they choose to be. Whether it’s through e-mail, in person, over the phone, by text, our dedication is to be responsive and clear so when financial concerns arise in your life you’re willing and fell comfortable discussing them with us.

Collaboration with Outside Experts.

We will coordinate efforts with the other professionals you employ. It’s important to incorporate your tax and estate planners when decisions are made. If you require tax and estate assistance, RIA Advisors team members can recommend professionals for your approval. We do not collect compensation from these referrals as it would represent a conflict of interest.

A Passion to Teach Young Family Members.

RIA Advisors’ Philosophy is designed to flow through to the younger, less experienced, loved ones in your family. Have you taught your children how to handle money? Where do you start? We can help jumpstart the conversation.

Clear, Outlined Meeting Standards.

It’s our passion and commitment to meet with clients face-to-face on a regular schedule. In the beginning, as we partner through behavioral and planning exercises, it’s our intention to meet more often. We invite changes or enhancements to our schedule on a client-by-client basis.

We are Fiduciaries.

We do not work on commission. We are not brokers. Every action we take is for your greater good as we take our responsibilities as fiduciaries seriously. Fiduciaries are held to higher standards. We are not here to “sell” you products, because our role as fiduciary requires us to handle every financial decision with the utmost of care

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Investment Rules

The 12/7 Strategy

RIA Advisors 12 investment rules:

  1. Cut losers short. Let winners run. Reduce underperforming positions or remove from portfolios on rallies.
  2. Investments without goals are arbitrary which increases portfolio risk. Set benchmarks you seek to achieve.
  3. Emotional biases are not part of the investment management process.
  4. Follow the trend. 80% of portfolio performance is determined by the underlying trend.
  5. Don’t let profits turn into losses.
  6. Odds of success greatly improve when the fundamentals are confirmed by the technicals.
  7. Avoid adding to losing positions. This is called “averaging down” and it rarely is effective.
  8. Remain neutral or long in bull markets. In bear markets increase cash.
  9. When markets or portfolio positions are trading at extremedeviations from long term trends, do the opposite of “the herd.”
  10. “Buy” and “sell” signals are useful only if action is taken.
  11. A goal of portfolio management is to achieve a 70% success rate. Consistency wins the long game.
  12. Manage risk and volatility, not returns.

RIA 7 financial planning rules:

  1. Take a holistic approach. Proper planning integrates all assets, liabilities and sources of income.
  2. Don’t discount Social Security strategies. Take steps to maximize the benefits you have earned. Coordinate Social Security withdrawals with those of other accounts to minimize the impact of taxes.
  3. Healthcare costs including Medicare and senior housing options must be included in the planning process.
  4. Successful plans are grounded in financial self-awareness which includes prioritizing needs and wants.
  5. Conversations with loved ones and friends about the aspects of your financial plan are important. Make sure your estate, gifting and future housing intentions are clearly communicated. Let your RIA Advisors team facilitate the discussions.
  6. Don’t Get Fooled By Averages. The financial markets do not return 8% a year. A realistic financial plan includes variability in returns, including losses, over time.
  7. Accountability Matters. A financial plan not followed is not a financial plan at all. Long term financial goals need to be broken down into monthly objectives and you and your advisor are accountable in meeting those objectives. (It is easier to achieve a savings goal of $500/month versus $6000/year).

“A financial advisor should be a client’s go-to person for all questions money.”

Richard M. Rosso

Holistic Approach

The financial crisis of 2008 served as the catalyst for creating RIA Advisors. In our roles as financial advisors at another financial services company in Houston, we were frustrated and disappointed with that firm’s complacency and lack of focus in providing adequate guidance to clients as they faced rapid loss of wealth in the worst market derailment since the Great Depression. This situation drove us to seek a path where we could put our clients’ interests first – not shareholders.

In 2009, we launched RIA Advisors at our office in Houston. We understand that, as investors, our clients’ prospective has changed. After devastating stock market collapses since the start of this century, it’s time for RIA Advisors.

Here at RIA Advisors, you will find a team with an objective, client-focused mission that:

  • Avoids inflexible investment strategies based on the “buy and forget” mentality that worked well during the long-term bull market prior to 2000 and continues to fail investors now.
  • Eschews the lack of experience and knowledge that too frequently now characterizes many brokers who frankly are better equipped to be salespeople instead of trusted financial advisors.
  • Rejects the practices of many financial services companies which overlook or neglect the total, holistic financial life planning, portfolio customization and education that clients need and deserve.

At RIA Advisors, our mission is to treat each client as a unique individual who has specific financial and life goals. We deliver holistic financial guidance to help them achieve their plans. We take a conservative approach to investment decisions and portfolio management, driven by advanced economic, quantitative and technical analysis with a focus on risk management. Our in-house team handles all facets of financial planning, including education, estate and retirement using dynamic web-based easy-to-use technology. RIA Advisors offers clients the flexibility of our comprehensive financial planning and money management services or our hourly services – whatever best suits a client’s requirements.

As a RIA Advisors client, you will find a financial advisor group that differs from other financial services firms:

  • We offer personalized, customized money management and financial planning.
  • We deliver goals-based planning for each client’s portfolio.
  • We are objective in our financial analysis for each client.
  • We adhere to a buy-rebalance-sell discipline.
  • We understand that ongoing communication is important to our clients and we take pride in handling all clients’ requests with a sense of urgency and respect.

Together, our team brings more than 75 years of experience and expertise in the financial services industry. We serve a broad range of clients with various financial situations and requirements. Our clients include individuals and families — some of whom have built considerable assets for their retirement while others are just beginning to plan for their financial future. RIA Advisors seasoned team is especially adept at guiding young professionals, often in their 30s or 40s, who want to create a financial strategy. Our hourly-rate planning program is well matched to fit our young clients’ needs and aspirations.

We also are experienced in serving a wide scope of businesses and organizations, such as family-owned companies, law firms and medical practices.

Our overarching goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients, where we can help guide them through market fluctuations, major life events and evolving financial/life goals. We are especially grateful to our long-term clients, many of whom we have had the honor of serving for several years.

“RIA Advisors takes pride in operating at the highest levels of integrity and transparency and meeting all compliance and disclosure regulations.”

Connie Mack

Client Contact Standards

We value all clients and are dedicated to treating you with the respect, transparency and integrity that you deserve from your financial advisor. We take a one-on-one approach with every client. We steer clear of the “one-size-fits-all” mentality that many large financial services companies employ.

We believe in taking the time to fully understand your unique situation, needs and financial goals. Whether you require our full-range money management services for individuals and businesses or our hourly-fee consultation, we spend time with you to discuss your needs, questions and financial objectives. We treat your questions and requests with a sense of urgency and responsiveness.

Client portals and free educational programs

RIA Advisors clients can log into their accounts through their custodial relationships, such as Fidelity or T.D. Ameritrade. We also have a RIA Advisors portal where our clients can securely share documents with our team as well as interact with their financial plan.

At RIA Advisors, we place top priority on helping our clients understand the domestic and global financial markets, developing trends, challenges and opportunities. We offer extensive educational programs through various venues – including seminars, online presentations and an online blog. All of our educational programs are offered free to our clients.

“We act in the best interests of our clients – with no pressure to market investment products that are inappropriate for our clients.”

Richard M. Rosso

Objective Fiduciary

As a financial advisor, we are committed to act in the best interests of our clients – without any conflicts of interest to other financial institutions or shareholders. There are no distractions or pressure for our team members to market investment products that would be inappropriate for our clients. Every day, we put our dedication to clients into action by creating investment strategies that directly address their unique requirements and goals.

Accredited investment fiduciary

Our clients benefit from Connie Mack’s certification as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, a rigorous training program. Connie’s accreditation ensures that RIA Advisors follows a prudent process regarding investment practices and the implementation of policies and procedures.

> Client Relationship Summary

“At RIA Advisors, our mission is to treat each client as a unique individual who has specific financial and life goals.”

Connie Mack

Client Engagement

For prospective clients, we invite you to meet with the RIA Advisors team and discuss your financial goals and our investment approach – at no charge or obligation to you.

Here is what we need from you for this initial meeting:

  • Select a day and time that is convenient for your schedule.
  • Advise us if you prefer to meet in person at our office or at your home or business.
  • Bring along current income records, tax statements and other financial documents.

This initial meeting is provided to you at no cost.

If you engage RIA Advisors as your financial advisor, we will create a comprehensive financial plan with investment options which we will review with you and guide you through the process. In addition, we will outline our fee structure and billing cycle.

Or, if you prefer, you can utilize RIA Advisors hourly-fee financial services which meets the needs of clients who seek a modular financial plan.

“Clients are not commodities to be treated like notches on the sales belt.”

Richard M. Rosso

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