What’s Your Hurdle Rate?

Written by Danny Ratliff | Jan, 19, 2018

Want to exceed your financial goals? Understand your hurdle rate The ringing in of a New Year brings a sense of hope for the future and closure of the past….

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Second To None – A Primer

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jan, 19, 2018

“Today’s equity market valuations have only been eclipsed by those of 1929, and 1999.” In March of 2017, we examined traditional equity valuations in a new light to help better…

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Market Bulls Target S&P 3000

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan, 18, 2018

It’s a record. As of yesterday’s market close, the Dow crushed its previous record milestone time frame by adding 1000 points to the index in just 8-trading days. The S&P also…

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For Your Consideration

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jan, 17, 2018

Consider the following: The current U.S. economic expansion has lasted 103 months and counting. Based on data since 1945 covering 11 business cycles, the average is 58 months and the…

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Really Want To Understand Inflation?

Written by Richard Rosso | Jan, 17, 2018

Take It Personally It was a real electronic beauty. One of the finest CB radios on the market. Metal smooth around the edges. Simulated woodgrain; swirly, rich blends of chestnut…

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Bitcoin: Like A Moth To A Flame

Written by Doug Kass | Jan, 17, 2018

* Beware of investment fads and the experts that deliver endorsing pablum in the business media * They are not your allies in delivering good investment returns — they are…

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Is It True? Do Low Rates Justify High Valuations

Written by Peter Cook | Jan, 15, 2018

“Peter B. Cook is the author of the ‘Is That True?’ series of articles, which help explain the many statements and theories circulating in the mainstream financial media often presented…

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Weekend Reading: What You Do Matters Most

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan, 12, 2018

Confidence is soaring…everywhere. In last weekend’s newsletter, we showed multiple charts of surging investor confidence all at, or near, record levels. But while investors are indeed confident about the markets…

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