5-Must See Charts For Retirement Distributions

Written by Richard Rosso | Aug, 16, 2017

“With every new wave of optimism or pessimism, we are ready to abandon history and time-tested principles, but we cling tenaciously and unquestioningly to our prejudices.”  ― Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor…

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Technically Speaking: COT Positioning Back To Extremes

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug, 15, 2017

In this past weekend’s missive I wrote: “So…Should I “Buy The F*$(@!# NOKO?” My best guess currently is – probably. But not yet.” “In our portfolios, we will wait for confirmation the current sell-off…

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Some Thoughts On “Long-Term Investing”

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug, 14, 2017

Last week, I was having lunch with a prospective portfolio management client discussing the current market, economic backdrop, and the related risk to invested capital. During our appetizer of stone…

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Weekend Reading: On A Cliff’s Edge

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug, 11, 2017

After a week on vacation, I got the joy of coming back to an Administration threatening North Korea over nuclear weapons. Now, you would suspect the possibility of nuclear war…

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The Insecurity Of Social Security

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug, 10, 2017

According to the June 2017 snapshot from the Social Security Administration, nearly 61.5 million people were receiving a monthly benefit check, of which 68.2% were retired workers. Of these 41.9 million…

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An Indicator of Peril

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Aug, 9, 2017

Thanks to Jesse Felder, we recently stumbled upon a measure of economic conditions that has reliably signaled every recession since 1948. The data point, Real Value Added, is currently in…

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