Will Gold Help a 60/40 Portfolio?

Written by John Coumarianos | Nov, 21, 2018

I noted recently that the classic balanced or 60/40 portfolio has a difficult time in periods of inflation. Bonds deliver fixed dollar interest, so they obviously fare poorly during inflation….

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3-Dangers Of Indexing

Written by Richard Rosso | Nov, 21, 2018

The concept was so simple it was genius. Create a fund that mirrors the stocks of the S&P 500.  In 1974, Nobel prizewinning economist Paul Samuelson suggested the concept, a…

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Volatility Index

Why Another Volatility Spike May Be Ahead

Written by Jesse Colombo | Nov, 19, 2018

In early October, when the U.S. stock market had reached an all-time high and investor sentiment was extremely complacent, I published a warning in Forbes called “Why Another Market Volatility…

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