Weekend Reading: Ignorance Is No Excuse

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 15, 2017

The “tax bill cometh.” According to the press, this is going to be the single biggest factor to jump-starting economic growth since the invention of the wheel. Interestingly, even the Fed’s…

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The Rude Awakening Of Slumbering Bulls

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 14, 2017

Near the end of each year, Barron’s magazine highlights the outlooks for the next year from 10, or so, Wall Street strategists. As noted recently by Sentiment Trader: “Strategists are…

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An Unhealthy Absence Of Doubt & Fear

Written by Doug Kass | Dec, 14, 2017

Doubt and fear remain absent from Wall Street despite the specter of numerous potentially adverse economic, interest rate, inflationary, political, geopolitical and market outcomes. Exaggerating the uptrend is the underappreciated…

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Bitcoin: Investment Or Speculation? Let’s Talk

Written by Richard Rosso | Dec, 13, 2017

“People often make suboptimal decisions for a variety of reasons, including incomplete accounting of costs and benefits, partial risk understanding, and flawed assumptions regarding the probabilities of various outcomes.” – Boombustology:…

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A Question for Every Investor

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Dec, 13, 2017

Recently we received the following question from a subscriber: “If a correction in the stock or bond markets comes, the Central Banks will buy stocks with printed money, like the…

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Technically Speaking: 2700 By Christmas?

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 12, 2017

This past weekend, I discussed the current extension of the market. To wit:  “In the short-term, the market trends are CLEARLY bullish, very overbought, but nonetheless bullish.” “As such, our portfolios…

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The “Exit” Problem

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 11, 2017

Last week, I discussed the issue of “bubbles” in the market. To wit: “Market bubbles have NOTHING to do with valuations or fundamentals.” Hold on…don’t start screaming “heretic” and building…

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Bitcoin – Millennial’s “Fake Gold”

Written by Vitaliy N. Katsenelson | Dec, 11, 2017

I’ve been asked about Bitcoin a lot lately. I’ haven’t written anything about it because I find myself in an uncomfortable place in agreeing with the mainstream media: It’s a…

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