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Technically Speaking: Past Performance Is A Guarantee?

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug 3, 2021

“Past Performance Is no guarantee of future of results.” Such is the disclaimer below every performance chart produce by the financial marketplace. However, as Jason Zweig recently noted, that warning has taken on a different meaning.

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Medicare Set Aside Mistakes: Don’t Make These Errors!

Written by Richard Rosso | Jul 29, 2021

The topic of Medicare Set Aside doesn’t arise often. However, it’s important to understand their benefits, how they work and mistakes that can affect future Medicare coverage. 

Also, be thankful Medicare Set Aside is not familiar terminology because it means you haven’t been part of a worker’s compensation or personal liability settlement due to an injury that can possibly last a lifetime.

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Just How Transitory is Inflation?

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jul 28, 2021

A deep dive into the 336 components and subcomponents of CPI to better appreciate what is driving the inflation rate and determine its sustainability.

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David Robertson: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Written by David Robertson | Jul 17, 2021

As value investors are well aware, valuation does not make an excellent timing tool. Still, it is closely associated with future returns and therefore has proved helpful for long-term positioning.

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