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The Name Game: Advisor Or Adviser

Written by Brent Clanton | Aug, 10, 2018

By Brent Clanton, Executive Producer of “The Real Investment Hour” What’s in a name? Apparently, in these troubled times, nuances mean a lot–especially if you’re concerned about the connotations that…

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Planting The Seeds For A Financial Harvest

Written by Richard Rosso | Aug, 8, 2018

Since the age of 16, my daughter has worked summer jobs. She’s been a waitress, a hostess. A cashier at the local HEB supermarket. This isn’t a topic we’ve discussed…

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Money Lessons From George Washington

Written by Richard Rosso | Jul, 11, 2018

As a small child, Washington yearned to be a British officer. While other children were playing games, doing what children do, Washington gravitated to rigorous study of famous battles as…

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Inverse ETFs Don’t Always Work

Written by John Coumarianos | Jul, 10, 2018

Imagine two portfolios, A and B, worth $100 each. In the first time period, portfolio A gains 90% and Portfolio B loses 90%. So A is worth $190 and B…

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How Millennials Can Retire At 56 – Part 2

Written by Richard Rosso | Jul, 3, 2018

In Part 1, I shared several ideas for ambitious Millennials who seek to make retirement in their mid-fifties a reality. Those who take the initiative to retire early, especially close…

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How Millennials Can Retire At 56 – Part 1

Written by Richard Rosso | Jun, 27, 2018

A TD Ameritrade poll of 1,500 Millennials (those born 1981-1996 according to Pew Research Center), outlines how Millennials’ expectations about retirement age may be too ambitious. They expect to retire…

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The Psychological Side Of Retirement

Written by Danny Ratliff | Jun, 27, 2018

16-mental and financial tips for a “successful” retirement.  Retirement is easy, right? Said the newly minted retiree You stroll out of your cushy, corporate job for the last time passing…

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Inflation Or Deflation? And How to Cope With Both.

Written by John Coumarianos | Jun, 19, 2018

The following is a slightly adjusted email I’ve sent to clients concerned about inflation lately. Sometimes retail investors have legitimate fear and anticipate economic trends correctly, but sometimes they don’t…

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9-Minutes To Change Your “Financial” Life

Written by Richard Rosso | Jun, 13, 2018

The suicide deaths of celebrities like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade has brought an uncomfortable and tragic attention to a growing problem. According to a recent report by the Centers…

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The 4-Mistakes In Your Financial Plan

Written by Richard Rosso | Jun, 6, 2018

So, you’ve decided to undertake comprehensive financial planning. A properly designed financial plan will cover important elements like retirement savings, insurance analysis and estate review; a qualified planner will target…

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10-Effective Habits Of The Fiscally Fit

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 23, 2018

We wonder how they do it. Those who make handling money look effortless. I have documented and monitored the money habits of fiscally-fit people for years. The following ten appear…

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The Value Proposition Of “Likeability”

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 23, 2018

Written By Byron Kidder and Richard Rosso, CFP. “Let me introduce an entity called You, Inc. This is a small, tightly controlled, privately-held company with the bulk of its productive…

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The Greatest Financial Mismatches In History

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 16, 2018

The spectacle of modern investment markets has sometimes moved me towards the conclusion that to make the purchase of an investment permanent and indissoluble, like marriage, except by reason of…

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The Pre-Retirement Preparation Checklist

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 10, 2018

Are you prepared? Most important: Are you aware? Aware of the common mishaps and misperceptions that may curtail a happy & healthy retirement? The Real Investment Advice and Clarity Financial…

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