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#FP: The Genesis Of The “Bubble’s Bubble”

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 24, 2017

The financial services industry is headed for the greatest debate in recent history. Regardless of what occurs from here –a continued stock market bullish trend or reversion to long-term averages…

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#FPW: Escaping Debt Darkness – Part 3

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 17, 2017

Credit card debt has morphed into a bona fide monster.  Federal Reserve data on revolving debt as of April 2017, reflects how out of control the beast is. Credit card…

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#FPW: The Financial Wellness Evolution

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 10, 2017

        The Financial Wellness Evolution: The Flow from Soil to Harvest “The soil of a man’s heart is stonier, Louis. A man grows what he can, and he tends it….

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#FPW: Escaping Debt Darkness – Part 2

Written by Richard Rosso | May, 3, 2017

“I was taken by darkness, but there was light all around, inside me. I never felt such utter peace, clarity and sobriety.” – Johnny Cash As explained it to his wife…

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#FPW: Escaping Debt Darkness – Part 1

Written by Richard Rosso | Apr, 26, 2017

“Every man comes to a crossroad somewhere along the way. Johnny Cash came to his crossroad in a place called Nickajack Cave.” – Gary Allan August 1992 David Gant illegally entered…

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#FPW: 7-Financial Lessons From Luling

Written by Richard Rosso | Apr, 12, 2017

July 10, 1877: How can there be so much blood? John knew what he was seeing wasn’t good. Blood this dark meant something serious; something arterial hit by the bullet….

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#FPW: Where Were You In ’62

Written by Richard Rosso | Apr, 5, 2017

“David Rockefeller is gonna save us!”  A small one-bedroom apartment was home for mom and me in the 70s. Narrow halls lined by endless rows of blackish-green lead painted front…

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#FPW: 5-Financial Myths You Should Ignore

Written by Richard Rosso | Mar, 22, 2017

The financial terrain is strewn with robust fables cleverly disguised as facts. The setbacks to financial security due to stock market returns never realized, the precious time and human capital…

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#FPW: 5-Smart Money Ideas For Your Tax Refund

Written by Richard Rosso | Mar, 15, 2017

What would you do with three-thousand bucks?  And what if this small fortune was out of reach every year until you spent months gathering documents and wasting precious hours, patience…

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#FPW: Why Your Retirement Plan May Be In Danger

Written by Richard Rosso | Feb, 22, 2017

In 2004, I was fortunate to discover the unique financial planning body of work created by Canadian-based planner and Chartered Market Technician Jim Otar at an investment conference. His strategy…

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#FPW: Your Kids Don’t Want Your House

Written by Richard Rosso | Jan, 25, 2017

It was an ongoing conversation between a mom and adult daughter and me (in the middle).  Moving slowly to what I call the “legacy awareness,” stage where we begin to…

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#FPW: 4-Words You Are Supposed To Hate

Written by Richard Rosso | Jan, 18, 2017

  There are words that make you cringe as soon as you hear or see them. Several conjure up memories of financial schemes of the past. Or worst – the…

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#FPW: Suddenly Retired? Now What?

Written by Richard Rosso | Jan, 11, 2017

It’s not the greatest time in the world for labor markets despite the excellent news which appears in the media. To argue that jobs haven’t returned since the Great Recession…

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