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What Will Your 2021 Be ‘About?’

Written by Richard Rosso | Dec 31, 2020

Will you reassess priorities for 2021?

What are all your experiences, heartaches, memories, and trials worth to you? To others? Are you up to the journey for 2021? What are your plans to forge ahead?

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Nine-Steps To STRONG 2021 Fiscal Fitness

Written by Richard Rosso | Dec 24, 2020

January is the time to make your fiscal fitness resolutions for 2021. Most promises we make to ourselves will be a memory by February. Want a fiscal fitness head start and get 2021 going STRONG on the right foot? Here are 9-steps:

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Anatomy of The Bear. Lessons from Russell Napier.

Written by Richard Rosso | Apr 1, 2020

Russell Napier’s classic tome “Anatomy of the Bear” is a mandatory study for every financial professional and investor who seeks to understand not only how damaging bear markets can be but also the traits which mark their bottoms. Every bear market from 1921, 1932, 1949 and 1982, all carried several common traits which can help identify when their over.

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Written by Richard Rosso | Mar 24, 2020

If as households we do crumble financially yet another time, will this ‘outlier’ event finally teach us a valuable lesson? How many Black Swans must we endure to work diligently, effortlessly, to shore up our family’s finances?

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#FPC: Tips For A Volatile Market

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar 6, 2020

It seems like the sky is falling, it always does when we get into one of these environments, but fret not we’ve been here before. The question is what will you do different this time around?

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6 Considerations for Long-Term Care Coverage.

Written by Richard Rosso | Feb 19, 2020

Retirement care analysis is a deep dive into the overall retirement planning process. Unlike income planning, retirement care planning requires us to face our inevitable physical limitations and the toll it can have on personal finances along with the negative ripple effects on wealth and health of loved ones.

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Where’s the Adult Merit Badge for Super Savers?

Written by Richard Rosso | Feb 5, 2020

Super Savers are a special breed.They are not concerned about keeping up impressions; they exist outside the mainstream of seductive consumerism. Call it a mindset. Whatever it is, those who fall into this category or save 20% or more of their income on a consistent basis are members of an elite group who strive for early financial independence.

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#FPC: New Advisors: Stop Doing These Two Things.

Written by Richard Rosso | Jan 24, 2020

The higher stocks ride a glide path of zero volatility, the greater the risks for investors and their financial partners to fall victim to overconfidence. After all, we are human;  when it comes to money and emotions our brains are no smarter than a lizard’s. 

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