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Good Companies Don’t Always Make Good Stocks

Written by Vitaliy N. Katsenelson | Oct, 19, 2017

I was recently going through a new client’s portfolio and found it full of the likes of Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark and Campbell Soup — what I call (pseudo) bond substitutes. Each…

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Why This Market Ride Is Almost Over

Written by Richard Rosso | Oct, 18, 2017

“Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day’s financial news as he worked with rag and polish. An old beggar…

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Saying It Slowly Doesn’t Help

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Oct, 11, 2017

The most fundamental basis for economics is human decision-making. Satisfying needs and wants creates demand. Engaging in a vocation to provide a good or service of value to others generates…

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6-Steps To Optimize Your Money & Life

Written by Richard Rosso | Oct, 11, 2017

 “I think we’re doing the right things with money, but we feel sub-optimized.” Twenty-eight years guiding others through financial challenges, thousands of words, and oddly I experienced personal angst over…

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One Chart Shows Investors Are Dealt A Losing Hand

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 9, 2017

The rise in the market has seemed unstoppable. Despite the Federal Reserve continuing to hike interest rates and tightening monetary policy, geopolitical risks from North Korea to Iran, mass shootings,…

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Weekend Reading: Bull Market In Complacency

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 6, 2017

With the market recently breaking above 2500, there seems to be nothing to dampen the bullish exuberance. The recent run, which has largely been focused on areas in the market…

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This Time Isn’t Different & The Lack Of Value

Written by Vitaliy N. Katsenelson | Oct, 5, 2017

We are having a hard time finding high-quality companies at attractive valuations. For us, this is not an academic frustration. We are constantly looking for new stocks by running stock…

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Bull Trap: The False Promise Of Tax Cuts

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 5, 2017

Last week, I did a fairly extensive analysis on the release of the 9-page “Trump Tax Cut” plan.  The most important aspect of that discussion was the difference between 1982,…

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