Fasten Your Seat Belt, Turbulence Ahead

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Mar, 21, 2018

U.S. Treasury securities across the maturity spectrum are reaching yield resistance levels that have proven for decades to be extremely valuable to investors engaged in technical analysis. We believe it…

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FB, AMZN, GOOG – “Too Big To Fail?”

Written by Doug Kass | Mar, 21, 2018

But we likely have entered an important regulatory inflection point The steady ride higher for FANG may now be bumpy and more difficult for investors to navigate Valuations may continue…

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Crude Oil Breaks Out, But Will It Last?

Written by Jesse Colombo | Mar, 20, 2018

For the past several weeks, I’ve been watching triangle patterns form in crude oil after its slide in early-February. Breakouts from triangle patterns often lead to important directional moves, which…

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Technically Speaking: The “Walking Dead” Market – 3000 or 1500?

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar, 20, 2018

“Technically Speaking” is a regular Tuesday commentary updating current market trends and highlighting shorter-term investment strategies, risks, and potential opportunities. Please send any comments or questions directly to me via Email, Facebook or Twitter. In May of…

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A Day At The Beach, Part 1

Written by John Coumarianos | Mar, 19, 2018

I’ve just returned from the Research Affiliates Advisor Symposium in Newport Beach, California last week. If the cloudy and sometimes rainy weather disappointed some of the attendees, the conference itself…

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Has The Market Already Peaked For 2018?

Written by Doug Kass | Mar, 19, 2018

The Return of Volatility  “Maybe it’s because of the experience of the last month and because we tend to read the latest trend into our forecast, but there was a…

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Weekend Reading: Our Ersatz Economy

Written by Jesse Colombo | Mar, 16, 2018

Chart of the Day Today’s chart of the day shows cumulative U.S. GDP growth minus federal debt issuance. Most studies and discussions of U.S. economic growth assume that it’s natural,…

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