The Lance Roberts Show - Video

Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/19/21)
Technical Market Analysis & Commentary from RIA Advisors CIO, Lance Roberts
MLK Day Episode (1/18/21)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Positive Trend Remains Intact SEG-2: The Importance of Small Business in the Economy SEG-3: Great Expectations Sometimes Are Foiled SEG-4: Ficti(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (1/15/21)
SEG-1: Could We Be Fiscally Over-stimulated? SEG-2: 401-k Foibles SEG-3: Retirement Account Leakage SEG-4: Risks from Inflation vs Stagflation -------- Director of Financ(...)
Stimulus Episode (1/14/21)
SEG-1: Joe Biden's $2-Trillion Stimulus Plan SEG-2: Fiscal Stimulus: Cause & Effect SEG-3: MMT in Action SEG-4: Free Money: There's Always a Cost -------- Chief Investmen(...)
Tax Prep for The Biden Years (1/13/21)
SEG-1: Great Expectations from Biden Policies SEG-2: Why CPI (and Measuring Inflation) is All Wrong SEG-3: Tx Implications from Stimulus Checks SEG-4: Go-Fund-Me Foibles (...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/12/21)
SEG-1: The Markets & Social Media SEG-2: How to Really Hurt Twitter SEG-3: Parler vs Amazon: David vs Goliath? SEG-4: The 1999 Bubble and Now -------- Chief Investment St(...)
All-in Episode (1/11/21)
SEG-1: The Great Twitter Purge SEG-2: The Problem with Market Bubbles SEG-3: More Stimulus on the Way SEG-4: The Value of the Dollar vs BitCoin -------- Chief Investment (...)
Financial Fitness Friday [1/8/21]
SEG-1: Fundamentals & Expectations for 2021 SEG-2: Deathwish Coffee; Resolutions, Habits, and Goals SEG-3: Helicopter Money and Changes to Medicare SEG-4: How to Go on a (...)
Election Outcome Episode (1/7/21)
SEG-1: Setting the Markets' Tone for 2021 SEG-2: Wall Street's Response to D.C. Unrest SEG-3: The Biden Presidency & The Fed SEG-4: Not Enough (Tax) Revenue in the World (...)
Investing in the Aftermath of Georgia Run-offs | The Real Investment Show (1/6/21)
This show can be seen on our YouTube channel, @TheRealInvestmentShow, at this link: (Vimeo/Livestream did not post our live feed this morning!)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/5/21)
SEG-1: Market Sell-off Wipes out December Gains SEG-2: Georgia On My Mind: Implications of the Run Off SEG-3: How Moving Averages Are (and Are Not) Like Gravity SEG-4: (...)
Welcome Into 2021 (1/4/21)
SEG-1: Setting Up for Market Correction SEG-2: The Definition of Insanity in 2021 SEG-3: GDP Growth: What the Numbers Really Say SEG-4: Why Wall Street is a Criminal Ente(...)
Christmas Grinch Episode (12/23/20)
SEG-1: There's a Lot of Corporate Debt Coming Due SEG-2: The Argument for Means Testing for Stimulus Checks SEG-3: The Dark Side of Funding Relief: Where's It Coming From(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (12/22/20)
SEG-1: Stimulus Bills & The Problem with Congress SEG-2: Demographics are Destiny; Technology Impact on Labor SEG-3: Will Tesla Really Be the Next Big Thing? SEG-4: What(...)
Santa Congress Episode (12/21/20)
SEG-1: The Smell of Bacon in the Morning & Tesla SEG-2: What's in Congress' COVID Relief, Pt-1 SEG-3: What's in Congress' COVID Relief, Pt-2 SEG-4: The Downside of COVID(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (12/18/20)
SEG-1: Market Recap: Great Expectations from Vaccines & Stimulus SEG-2: Tax Tips for Changes in Biden Administration SEG-3: Tax Shelter Strategies w/the CARES Act SEG-4:(...)
Monetary Policy Episode (12/17/20)
SEG-1: Virtual Learning, Cheating, and Permanent QE SEG-2: If the Economy was a Cancer Patient SEG-3: Speculating in Bitcoin SEG-4: The Cost of Money Makes the World Go (...)
Government Funding Episode (12/16/20)
SEG-1: Reindeer Food & Federal Stimulus SEG-2: The Winning System on Wall Street SEG-3: Why the Markets are Like Vegas SEG-4: What it Really Takes to Retire -------- Chie(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (12/15/20)
SEG-1: Santa Claus Rally or 2020 Grinch? SEG-2: The Muted Effectiveness of Stimulus SEG-3: Is the Economy Headed in the Right Direction? SEG-4: Janet Yellen & Magazine Co(...)
The Santa Rally Episode (12/14/20)
SEG-1: Markets Prepare for Santa; Gone to Texas SEG-2: COVID Vaccine & Marvel Movies SEG-3: Christmas Shopping w Lance & EOY Optimism SEG-4: Unintended Consequences: Crim(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (12/11/20)
SEG-1: Squishy Markets: Waiting for Something to Happen SEG-2: Christmas Decor & Blowies: The Year of the IPO SEG-3: Things You Didn't Know Your HSA Could Do SEG-4: Retro(...)
The COVID Cliff Episode (12/10/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: What to do Under Uncertain Times SEG-2: Inflation Then & Now: Where Do You Go to Find Yield? SEG-3: Spending and Tipping During COVID SEG-4: San(...)
The Economic Dichotomy (12/9/20)
SEG-1: Christmas Shipping, Tiny Houses & Hookers SEG-2: Headphones & Mom Jeans: A Problem w Innovation SEG-3: Could the Dollar Be the Next Catalyst for Correction? SEG-4:(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (12/8/20)
SEG-1: The Un-ending Cycle of Stimulus SEG-2: The Priorities of Businesses SEG-3: The Importance of Small Business to the Economy SEG-4: Market Pricing Dynamics: Exuberan(...)
Markets = Sex Episode (12/7/20)
SEG-1: Christmas Shopping, Music, and Markets SEG-2: Why Markets are Like Sex SEG-3: Christmas Movies, Rush to Vaccination, Rush to Stimulus SEG-4: Sex Dolls & Darwinism;(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (12/4/20)
SEG-1: Markets, Masks, & Cheater Glasses: Employment in Pandemic SEG-2: Financial Literacy in a Global Economy SEG-3: Looking at 2020 in Rear View Mirror: What Did We Lea(...)
Yellin' at Yellen Episode (12/3/20)
SEG-1: Markets Ongoing Rally on Stimulus Plans SEG-2: The Stimulus Trap SEG-3: Janet Yellen & The Bifurcated Economy SEG-4: The Relation of Inflation to Interest Rates (...)
Panacea for Pandemic Episode (12/2/20)
SEG-1: Market Exuberance: How You Can Tell SEG-2: Christmas + Birthdays & Year End Tax Planning SEG-3: The Undoing, The Fed, & 2021 Tax Hikes SEG-4: Is There a Real Need (...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (12/1)
SEG-1: Is the Narrative Already Priced-in? SEG-2: Justifying What We Pay For SEG-3: The Gravitational Pull of Moving Averages SEG-4: WHy 'Next Year' will Always Be Bullis(...)
Cyber Monday Episode |The Real Investment Show (11/30/20)
SEG-1: Impacts of Year-end Distributions SEG-2: The Sandwich Generations SEG-3: End of 2020: Technology Changes SEG-4: Paying Attention to Technology's Changes -------- C(...)