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After 18-years on radio, the show has gone “digital” bringing you the financial and investing information you need to manage your money. Finally, news that makes sense. Lance digs into the raw data to bring a unique perspective to the conversation. His deep understanding of economics, markets and how investing really works helps listeners to achieve their goals.

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Why IPO's Aren't Always the Best Investment (12/11/19)
The Holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, Winter, etc.)Party Season is upon us: Lance reviews restaurants; The Roberts Family Feud; Saudi Aramco, Beyond Meat, Pot Stock(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (12/10/19)
The China Trade is "so close..." The Fed's Repo problem; Why aren't banks lending to each others? Fractional Reserve Banking explained (briefly); what has broken in bank (...)
12-9-19 Bringing the Broad View Back Into Perspective
What do Decennial Cycles, Presidential Cycles have to do with markets: What happens when inexperienced advisors offer counsel to inexperienced investors; The ugly sausage(...)
Financial Fitness Friday 12/6/19
Why the COLA on your SS is a RIP: Richard Ross, Director of Financial Planning, w Danny Ratliff, CFP
12-5-19 China Trade, Rudolph Wussies, & Government Intervention
The continuing saga of the China Trade negotiations, and market impact; Rudolph and the Wussification of America; Peloton's commercial gaffe; Why more Fed liquidity isn't(...)
12-4-19 The Pre-Christmas Correction Might not Be Over
Is Wall Street setting up for a Santa Claus Rally? Why market corrections may still continue; the post-Thanksgiving Purge; Black Friday/Cyber Monday retail results; Why T(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (12/3/19)
Quarterly Earnings and the impact of Trade Tariffs; "The Irishman," and why the Mafia is a better pension fund manager; how Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the Mob in New York, (...)
Cyber Monday (12/2/19)
Back from the Thanksgiving Break, market analysis and commentary by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts
Financial Fitness Friday (11/22/19)
The Difference Between Traders and Investors; Creating Your Stock Selection Alpha; Top 4 Financial Planning Rules; RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, w Danny Ratliff, CFP
The Absurdity Spewed from Market Peaks (11/21/19)
The Fed preaches to Congress about debt; the Senate passes a bill condemning China over Hong Kong protests, while Trump's trying for a trade deal; the Visual Capitalist: (...)