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After 18-years on radio, the show has gone “digital” bringing you the financial and investing information you need to manage your money. Finally, news that makes sense. Lance digs into the raw data to bring a unique perspective to the conversation. His deep understanding of economics, markets and how investing really works helps listeners to achieve their goals.

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Financial Fitness Friday (1/15/21)
Market Analysis & Commentary from RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP w Senior Advisors Danny Ratliff, CFP
Stimulus Episode (1/14/21)
SEG-1: Joe Biden's $2-Trillion Stimulus Plan SEG-2: Fiscal Stimulus: Cause & Effect SEG-3: MMT in Action SEG-4: Free Money: There's Always a Cost -------- Chief Investmen(...)
Tax Prep for The Biden Years (1/13/21)
SEG-1: Great Expectations from Biden Policies SEG-2: Why CPI (and Measuring Inflation) is All Wrong SEG-3: Tx Implications from Stimulus Checks SEG-4: Go-Fund-Me Foibles (...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/12/21)
SEG-1: The Markets & Social Media SEG-2: How to Really Hurt Twitter SEG-3: Parler vs Amazon: David vs Goliath? SEG-4: The 1999 Bubble and Now -------- Chief Investment St(...)
All-in Episode (1/11/21)
SEG-1: The Great Twitter Purge SEG-2: The Problem with Market Bubbles SEG-3: More Stimulus on the Way SEG-4: The Value of the Dollar vs BitCoin -------- Chief Investment (...)
Financial Fitness Friday [1/8/21]
SEG-1: Fundamentals & Expectations for 2021 SEG-2: Deathwish Coffee; Resolutions, Habits, and Goals SEG-3: Helicopter Money and Changes to Medicare SEG-4: How to Go on a (...)
Election Outcome Episode (1/7/21)
SEG-1: Setting the Markets' Tone for 2021 SEG-2: Wall Street's Response to D.C. Unrest SEG-3: The Biden Presidency & The Fed SEG-4: Not Enough (Tax) Revenue in the World (...)
Investing in the Aftermath of Georgia Run-offs | The Real Investment Show (1/6/21)
This show can be seen on our YouTube channel, @TheRealInvestmentShow, at this link: https://youtu.be/4xnLyjUWeTo (Vimeo/Livestream did not post our live feed this morning!)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/5/21)
SEG-1: Market Sell-off Wipes out December Gains SEG-2: Georgia On My Mind: Implications of the Run Off SEG-3: How Moving Averages Are (and Are Not) Like Gravity SEG-4: (...)
Welcome Into 2021 (1/4/21)
SEG-1: Setting Up for Market Correction SEG-2: The Definition of Insanity in 2021 SEG-3: GDP Growth: What the Numbers Really Say SEG-4: Why Wall Street is a Criminal Ente(...)