Interview: Roger Nusbaum of ETF Maven

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan 16, 2021

Lance Roberts w ETF Maven Editor, Roger Nusbaum, CFP on how the sausage is made, and why it’s not necessarily bearish to be on the lookout for a downside.

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Interview: Jeffrey Marcus On ETF’s & Market Liquidity

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan 11, 2021

Who can argue against EFT’s (Exchange Traded Funds)? According to Jeffrey Marcus, President of Turning Point Analytics, LLC, there are no constituencies against ETF’s… but there are consequences to their existence. The conversation with RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist, Lance Roberts, continues after the closing credits.

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Interview: Thomas Thornton Of Hedge Fund Telemetry

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan 7, 2021

Lance Roberts interviews Hedge Fund Telemetry founder, Thomas Thornton. Tom reveals his secret sauce for tracking the markets, indicators he likes best, and what the charts are saying about the 2020 elections.

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