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RIA Economic & Investment Summit (Q1-2016)

Just recently, I hosted an Economic & Investment summit in Houston to discuss the markets, economy and the outlook heading into the end of the year.

Importantly, the point of the presentation was to discuss the data and the current detachment of the fundamental backdrop from current realities. As I have stated many times, this is not the first time such a detachment has occurred. Unfortunately, the reversions of these detachments have tended to be rather nasty.

I have broken down the summit into the five basic sections for easier consumption. The slide presentation is presented in PDF at the end.

I hope you enjoy and find the information helpful.

2007 vs 2016 – What I Saw Then That Suggested A Recession Was Coming

The Stock Market – Was Was Promised Vs. What Actually Happens

10 Warning Signs

Managing For Certainty In An Uncertain Market

Oil, Interest Rates & Gold

The Slide Presentation

RIA Economic & Investment Summit 2016 by streettalk700

Lance Roberts


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