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Danielle DiMartino-Booth: What Powell Really Said

Yesterday, on the “Real Investment Hour” I spoke with my dear friend Danielle DiMartino-Booth, best selling author of Fed Up, about the recent Federal Reserve policy announcement. Danielle takes a dive into what J. Powell really said in his concise 43-minute statement that most people overlooked.

The question remains as to whether the Fed understands what they are doing? Or, are they simply hoping to raise rates far enough away from zero to have room to operate when the next recession comes.

Danielle has the answers.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock: Trade Wars & Economic Outcomes

Last week, on the “Real Investment Hour” I spent some time with world renowned blogger and writer, Mike “Mish” Shedlock discussing the recent moves by the Trump Administration to engage in a trade war with China.

Is the idea of engaging in a “trade war” a good one?

Even if we win the “battle,” do we lose the “war?”

Mike and I cover all of this and more…

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Nomi Prins: The Fed & The Global “Collusion”

Yesterday, on the “Real Investment Hour” we were privileged to visit with Nomi Prins to discuss the Fed’s rate hike decision yesterday and the end result of the ongoing surge in debt combined with continued Central Bank interventions.

Spoiler Alert: “It Ain’t Good.” 

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Enjoy the interview and order the book.