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3 Things: Market, Trade, Volatility

Written by Lance Roberts | Nov, 4, 2015

[“3 Things” is a weekly publication of ideas, usually contrarian, to provoke thoughtful discussions and decision-making processes. As a portfolio strategist, I am sharing things that I am considering with respect…

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About That Surge In Building Permits

Written by admin | Jun, 17, 2014

Yesterday, the media spin went into full overdrive as the most recent housing data was released on starts and permits. The following is Econoday’s summary: “Don’t let the headline fool…

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Housing Recovery – Real Or Memorex

Written by admin | May, 20, 2014

There are probably quite a few of you reading this article who do not remember the old “Memorex” commercials when “cassette tapes” were THE recording technology of the day. It…

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