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Protecting Your Blind Side

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Oct, 4, 2017

The following article was published for premium subscribers of 720Global’s The Unseen on July 28, 2017. 720Global is sharing it exclusively with readers of Real Investment Advice.  Despite being two…

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Technically Speaking: The 80/20 Rule Of Investing

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 3, 2017

Over the weekend, I discussed the market’s breakout to the upside and the increase in equity exposure in client’s portfolios. As I stated: “The short-term analysis of the market remains broadly…

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VIDEO: The Illusion of Prosperity

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Sep, 28, 2017

Yesterday, I posted the article “The Illusion Of Prosperity.” As I wrote, and discuss in the following video, the issues clearly illustrate that the U.S. consumer has steadily relied on…

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The Illusion of Prosperity

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Sep, 27, 2017

For the last 50 years, the consumer, that means you and me, have been the most powerful force driving the U.S. economy. Household spending now accounts for almost 70% of…

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Chasing the Dragon

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Sep, 19, 2017

“There is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.”  – Alan Greenspan The Federal Reserve (Fed) currently expects real economic growth for the foreseeable future…

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Written by Michael Lebowitz | Sep, 13, 2017

Recently on our Twitter feed, @michaellebowitz, we introduced the hashtag #fedgibberish. The purpose was to tag Federal Reserve members’ comments that highlight desperate efforts to rationalize their inane monetary policy…

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Consumption Exhaustion

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Sep, 6, 2017

When people use the word catalyst to describe an event that may prick the stock market bubble, they usually discuss something singular, unexpected and potentially shocking. The term “black swan”…

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How Much Is Too Much?

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Aug, 30, 2017

The amount of monetary stimulus increasingly imposed on the financial system creates false signals about the economy’s true growth rate, causing a vast misallocation of capital, impaired productivity and weakened…

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A Peak Above All Others

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Aug, 23, 2017

“Valuations are still well below the peak of 1999” say the bulls. They are certainly correct from an absolute basis but we caution that the current level of market euphoria…

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Technically Speaking: BTFD Or Is This Time Different?

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug, 22, 2017

Since the end of the financial crisis, each market decline has been met with support by the Federal Reserve either through “verbal accommodation” or directly through “monetary interventions.” Not surprisingly, investors have…

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Technically Speaking: COT Positioning Back To Extremes

Written by Lance Roberts | Aug, 15, 2017

In this past weekend’s missive I wrote: “So…Should I “Buy The F*$(@!# NOKO?” My best guess currently is – probably. But not yet.” “In our portfolios, we will wait for confirmation the current sell-off…

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An Indicator of Peril

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Aug, 9, 2017

Thanks to Jesse Felder, we recently stumbled upon a measure of economic conditions that has reliably signaled every recession since 1948. The data point, Real Value Added, is currently in…

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