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Technically Speaking: What Exactly Is “RSI?”

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan, 23, 2018

I get lots of questions from readers regarding the various technical indicators discussed in our “Technically Speaking” posts and in our weekly Real Investment Reports. While we often discuss the signals these…

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Technically Speaking: It’s A Wrap

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 26, 2017

In last week’s Technical Update, I discussed the similarities between 1999, 2007 and currently. To wit: “With the markets within striking distance of Nasdaq 7000, Dow 25000 and S&P 2700,…

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Technically Speaking: 2700 By Christmas?

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 12, 2017

This past weekend, I discussed the current extension of the market. To wit:  “In the short-term, the market trends are CLEARLY bullish, very overbought, but nonetheless bullish.” “As such, our portfolios…

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Technically Speaking: This Is Nuts

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 5, 2017

Since the election, markets have accelerated the pace of the advance as shown in the chart below. The advance has had two main story lines to support the bullish narrative….

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Technically Speaking: The Bull Won’t Die Easily

Written by Lance Roberts | Nov, 21, 2017

Just a short note for today as I am taking a quick vacation for the “Thanksgiving” holiday. As I noted this past weekend:  “Thanksgiving week is traditionally an extremely ‘light’ trading…

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Protecting Your Blind Side

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Oct, 4, 2017

The following article was published for premium subscribers of 720Global’s The Unseen on July 28, 2017. 720Global is sharing it exclusively with readers of Real Investment Advice.  Despite being two…

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Technically Speaking: The 80/20 Rule Of Investing

Written by Lance Roberts | Oct, 3, 2017

Over the weekend, I discussed the market’s breakout to the upside and the increase in equity exposure in client’s portfolios. As I stated: “The short-term analysis of the market remains broadly…

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VIDEO: The Illusion of Prosperity

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Sep, 28, 2017

Yesterday, I posted the article “The Illusion Of Prosperity.” As I wrote, and discuss in the following video, the issues clearly illustrate that the U.S. consumer has steadily relied on…

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The Illusion of Prosperity

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Sep, 27, 2017

For the last 50 years, the consumer, that means you and me, have been the most powerful force driving the U.S. economy. Household spending now accounts for almost 70% of…

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