Market Rallies--Where To, Next? (4/9/20)
It's Like 1974 All Over Again; Pandemic & Savings Paradox; Market Rally--What's Next? Michael Lebowitz - Jobless Claims numbers are hard to rationalize; JP Morgan rant vs(...)
Rally? What Rally?? (4/8/20)
Why Drive-by Birthday Parties are a thing; Market Commentary: When Social Distancing Ends; St.Louis Fed Forecasting 30% Unemployment; Danny & The Beard; Dealing w Risk & (...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (4/7/20)
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When Concerns Become Reality (4/6/20)
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Financial Fitness Friday (4/3/20)
Market Analysis, Commentary, and financial planning advice from RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP, w Certified Financial Planner, Danny Ratliff, CFP.
Playing Jenga w Covid-19 (4/2/20)
Losing our options w COVID-19; Markets sustain worst quarter losses in (120-yr) History; Michael Lebowitz: Domestic Situation No One Has Seen in Our Lifetime; Worsened by(...)
The April Fool's Rally? (4/1/20)
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Technically Speaking Tuesday (3/31/20)
What if they made a Coronavirus Movie? What a Comeback Will Look Like; How We're Coping with Covid-19; Previewing Jobless Claims vs Continuing Claims; The Spike in Unempl(...)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Bullish (3/30/20)
When we emerge from our Coronavirus Caves; Netflix and Johnny Tiger; Federal Stimulus aid going to the wrong places; Easter Bunny Unemployed; First Time Unemployment Clai(...)