Inflection Point Episode (4/12/21)
SEG-1: Stimmie Checks--then, what?? SEG-2: Jerome Powell & The Missing Jobs SEG-3: Expectations for Economic Growth vs Reality SEG-4: There's No Benefit to 'Beating the(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (4/9/21)
SEG-1: Coffee Infrastructure, Chucky-Cheese Birthdays, & Post-Pandemic SEG-2: Looking at Retirement Through a Different Lense SEG-3: Working at Buc-cee's; Why Dave Ramse(...)
The Inflation Episode (4/8/21)
SEG-1: Raising Taxes to Pay for Spending...Riiight SEG-2: The Indirect Bailout of Banks SEG-3: Inflation: Making the Complex Simple SEG-4: Earnings Growth Estimates vs R(...)
Corporate Tax Hike Episode | The Real Investment Show (4/7/21)
SEG-1: The Two Ways to Remedy Over-Valuation SEG-2: Corprate Tax Myths SEG-3: Higher Market Valuations Lead to Lower Earnings SEG-4: Debt is a Cancer on Economic Growth(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (4/6/21)
SEG-1: The Thing About All-time Record Highs SEG-2: Two Ways to Make Employment Numbers Look Better SEG-3: The Know-nothing Market SEG-4: Investing in a Period of High-v(...)
Jobbies, Risk, & Blind Investing | The Real Investment Show (4/5/21)
SEG-1: Life in Semi-Rural Suburbia; Market Commentary SEG-2: March Employment Report Review SEG-3: Why We're Increasing Equity Exposure SEG-4: The Blind Leading the Blind(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (4/2/21)
SEG-1: The Market is Rigged: Who Pays the Price? SEG-2: Coming Tax Increses No One is Talking About SEG-3: Royer's Pie Heaven; Everything Feeds the Beast SEG-4: Bulls are(...)
Managing Money in a High-risk Environment | The Real Investment Show (4/1/21)
SEG-1: The Folly of Infrastructure Spending; Market Summary SEG-2: Fed Grammar Matters; What is the Market Priced For? SEG-3: Investing & Managing Money in a High-risk E(...)
Build Back Better (or bust) Episode (3/31/21)
SEG-1: Fiction vs Real Life, Building Better Back (or Bust) SEG-2: The Impact of Infrastructure Spending: Stiglitz vs Summers SEG-3: Who Really Pays for Infrastructure Sp(...)