Shortcomings in Retirement Planning / Financial Fitness Friday (9/25/20)
SEG-1: Joe Mannix Market Commentary SEG-2: Mike Cannon & Where NOT to Live in Retirement SEG-3: Politics vs Policy: Don't Take it Out on Your Money SEG-4: Real Inflatio(...)
Markets' Response to Unsettling News (9/24/20)
SEG-1: An Orderly Sell-off: Markets Aren't Done SEG-2: The Largest Pull-back Since March; What Comes Next? SEG-3: Has Jerome Powell "Done All [He] Can"? SEG-4: Implicatin(...)
Continuing Saga of Continuing Resolutions (9/23/20)
SEG-1: Morning Commentary: Continuing Resolutions Continue SEG-2: The Value of a Business SEG-3: CBO Report: More Debt = Less Growth SEG-4: Teaching Kids Value of Work; H(...)
Is the Market Sell-off Over? / Technically Speaking Tuesday (9/22/20)
SEG-1: Are Markets Ready to Rally? SEG-2: The Bifurcation of Wealth SEG-3: What Everyone Wants to Wknow From the Bail-out King SEG-4: Maybe the Fed's Not the Answer ----(...)
What Impact Will Ginsburg's Death Have on Markets? (9/21/20)
SEG-1: Markets Impacted by SCOTUS Selection SEG-2: The Efficacy of Social Media Platforms as Investments SEG-3: Investment Strategy for Presidential Election Years SEG-4:(...)
The Coming COLA, & Household Retirement Shock/Financial Fitness Friday (9/18/20)
SEG-1: Market Trade Evolves from Shelter-at-home SEG-2: Realtor Tales & Financial Advice SEG-3: Household Retirement Shock SEG-4: Nat'l Cheeseburger Day, Balding, and the(...)
What the Fed Said...and Didn't Say (9/17/20)
SEG-1: Market Response to What the Fed Didn't Say SEG-2: How the Fed's New "Inflation Averaging" Policy Works (It Doesn't) SEG-3: The Fed Punts to the White House SEG-4: (...)
The Fed Preview Episode (9/16/20)
SEG-1: Fed Meeting Preview: The Fed's Problem Child SEG-2: Most-popular YouTuber's; 2020 Election Preview SEG-3: Trump vs Biden Tax Policies: What's at Stake SEG-4: The S(...)
Our Social Dilemma: The Hidden Threat / Technically Speaking Tuesday (9/15/20)
SEG-1: 45-Days to Election Day: Is Everything Priced-in? SEG-2: Our Social Dilemma: The Hidden Threat, Pt-1 SEG-3: Our Social Dilemma: The Hidden Threat, Pt-2 SEG-4: The (...)