AMC, Delta-variant, Rolling Stones Episode (8/5/21)
Market Analysis & Commentary from RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist, Lance Roberts, CIO, w Portfolio Manager, Michael Lebowitz, CFA
Eviction Moratorium Episode | The Real Investment Show (8/4/21)
SEG-1: Eviction Moratorium: Pro's & Con's SEG-2: The Landlord Dilemma & The Stealth Shutdown SEG-3: How to Make $19-M in the Market SEG-4: Economic Impact of "Socially Ac(...)
How China's Cracking-down on Capitalism (8/3/21)
SEG-1: Show Prelude; Market Performance Now Showing Weakness SEG-2: How China Will Beat the US SEG-3: Will America Become a Nation of Renters? SEG-4: Why Artificial Stimu(...)
Is COVID the New Cold War Weapon? | The Real Investment Show (8/2/21)
SEG-1: Why August is the Worst Month of the Year SEG-2: COVID, Transveganism, & Stunting Economic Growth SEG-3: How to Resist COVID; The Afterpay Indicator SEG-4: What Wo(...)
Are COLA Changes Coming? | Financial Fitness Friday (7/30/21)
SEG-1: Market Commentary/Changing Concept of Retirement SEG-2: Will Social Security Be There for You? SEG-3: The Friar Tucking by Robinhood; IRA Dad Talk SEG-4: Coming Ev(...)
What Olympics, Delta, & Fed Have in Common 7/29/21)
SEG-1: Olympic Tapering vs Fed Tapering SEG-2: What the Fed Said SEG-3: Why Does the Fed Matter So Much? (They never get it right) SEG-4: Shifting From Inflation to Defla(...)
Pandemic Boom Episode | The Real Investment Show (7/28/21)
SEG-1: Masking, Markets, & Minsky Moment SEG-2: Corporate Earnings Parade: What Happens When Economy Slows? SEG-3: Simone Biles & Investing Mentality SEG-4: YouTube Q&A: (...)
How Fed "Stability" Creates Instability (7/27/21)
SEG-1: Earnings Week Continues SEG-2: The Risk of Low Market Volatility SEG-3: Implications of Cali Power Limitations SEG-4: YouTube Q&A: Capitalism vs Socialism Economic(...)
Corporate Earnings Olympics Episode | The Real Investment Show (7/26/20)
SEG-1: Simone Biles, Olypmics, & Earnings Estimates SEG-2: Back to School & Delta Variant: Markets' Likely Response SEG-3: Market Valuations & Minksy Moment SEG-4: YouTub(...)