Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/19/21)
Technical Market Analysis & Commentary from RIA Advisors CIO, Lance Roberts
MLK Day Episode (1/18/21)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Positive Trend Remains Intact SEG-2: The Importance of Small Business in the Economy SEG-3: Great Expectations Sometimes Are Foiled SEG-4: Ficti(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (1/15/21)
SEG-1: Could We Be Fiscally Over-stimulated? SEG-2: 401-k Foibles SEG-3: Retirement Account Leakage SEG-4: Risks from Inflation vs Stagflation -------- Director of Financ(...)
Stimulus Episode (1/14/21)
SEG-1: Joe Biden's $2-Trillion Stimulus Plan SEG-2: Fiscal Stimulus: Cause & Effect SEG-3: MMT in Action SEG-4: Free Money: There's Always a Cost -------- Chief Investmen(...)
Tax Prep for The Biden Years (1/13/21)
SEG-1: Great Expectations from Biden Policies SEG-2: Why CPI (and Measuring Inflation) is All Wrong SEG-3: Tx Implications from Stimulus Checks SEG-4: Go-Fund-Me Foibles (...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/12/21)
SEG-1: The Markets & Social Media SEG-2: How to Really Hurt Twitter SEG-3: Parler vs Amazon: David vs Goliath? SEG-4: The 1999 Bubble and Now -------- Chief Investment St(...)
All-in Episode (1/11/21)
SEG-1: The Great Twitter Purge SEG-2: The Problem with Market Bubbles SEG-3: More Stimulus on the Way SEG-4: The Value of the Dollar vs BitCoin -------- Chief Investment (...)
Financial Fitness Friday [1/8/21]
SEG-1: Fundamentals & Expectations for 2021 SEG-2: Deathwish Coffee; Resolutions, Habits, and Goals SEG-3: Helicopter Money and Changes to Medicare SEG-4: How to Go on a (...)
Election Outcome Episode (1/7/21)
SEG-1: Setting the Markets' Tone for 2021 SEG-2: Wall Street's Response to D.C. Unrest SEG-3: The Biden Presidency & The Fed SEG-4: Not Enough (Tax) Revenue in the World (...)