Michael Markowski: Stock Market Relief Rally High Extended

Written by Guest Author | Apr 7, 2020

The date range for the SCPA’s forecasted relief rally highs for stock markets of the US, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, and Canada to occur has been adjusted. The SCPA’s new 100% statistical probability is that the relief rally highs from the March 2020 lows have been reached or will be reached by April 14, 2020. 

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TPA Analytics: Where Do We Go From Here (S&P 500)

Written by Jeffrey Marcus | Apr 7, 2020

no more easy buying on every decline and watching the longs go higher. This is tough stuff; with Covid-19 cases continuing to grow, governments enacting measures to stop the spread, which will hurt economies, and markets discounting future bad news.

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Technically Speaking: The 4-Phases Of A Full-Market Cycle

Written by Lance Roberts | Apr 7, 2020

Throughout history, bull market cycles make up on one-half of the “full market” cycle. During every “bull market” cycle, the market and economy build up excesses which must ultimately be reversed through a market reversion and economic recession. In the other words, “What goes up, must come down.” 

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Aaand It’s Gone…The Biggest Support For Asset Prices

Written by Lance Roberts | Apr 6, 2020

Share buybacks have been a major driver of the markets advance in recent years, but the bear market and economic crash from the pandemic have put an end to that. Where will stocks find their support to drive higher in the midst of debt deleveraging and financial crisis.

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