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Weekend Reading: Complacency Rules The Day

Written by Jesse Colombo | Mar, 2, 2018

Chart of the Day

Today’s chart of the day is the high-yield or “junk” bond spread, which shows the percentage difference between high-yield bond (corporate bonds that are beneath investment grade) yields and investment grade corporate bonds or U.S. Treasury bonds. In central bank-manipulated environments like we’ve had for several decades, very low high-yield bond spreads indicate the formation of a dangerous economic bubble. The high-yield spread was unusually low during the late-1990s Dot-com bubble and mid-2000s housing bubble, as well as during the current “Everything Bubble” that I have been warning about. Click here to read the full article about how high-yield bond spreads reveal dangerous investor complacency.

High Yield Spread

You can also watch my video on this topic:



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Jesse Colombo is an economic analyst and Forbes columnist who was recognized by the London Times for warning about the U.S. housing and credit bubble as a university student. Jesse continues to warn about dangerous post-2009 economic bubbles and has over 100,000 social media followers. Jesse graduated with a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) from Stony Brook University.

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