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INTERVIEW: Raoul Pal – The Coming Debt-Driven Crisis & Why The Fed Can’t Stop It.

I recently had the privilege to visit with Raoul Pal, the founder of Real Vision, to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • The risk of recession in the U.S.
  • What Trump’s nomination of Judy Shelton to the Fed means.
  • Can you have a gold standard AND zero interest rates.
  • The future of the ECB and monetary policy in Europe
  • The real value of gold.

After we stopped rolling tape on the interview Raoul and I kept going and discussed Facebook’s Libra, cypto currency, and how much you should own. The cameras kept rolling so we have a great bonus clip for you.

Check out the new FREE version of Real Vision at www.realvision.com/free

I hope you enjoy our interview with Raoul Pal.

RECESSION: Can The U.S. Have A Recession Without GDP Showing It?


The Future Of The Fed, Monetary Policy, Rates, Judy Shelton, IMF, and the ECB

The True Value Of Gold


BONUS TRACK: Crypto Currency, Facebook’s LIBRA, & How Much You Should Own.

INTERVIEW: Kevin Smith – Crescat Capital Management

I got a chance to sit down with the CIO of Crescat Capital Management, Kevin Smith, in a wide ranging interview about the economy, the markets, interest rates and the forward risks to investors in the months ahead.

Crescat is a global macro asset management firm which deploys value-driven models to develop tactical investment themes. Their mission is to protect and grow wealth by capitalizing on the most compelling macro themes of our time. Their aim for high absolute and risk-adjusted returns over the long term with low correlation to benchmarks has paid off as they were among the best performing hedgefunds this year.

Get more information on Crescat Capital

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INTERVIEW: Lawrence Lepard & The Lessons Of History

In a recent interview with Lawrence Lepard we dig down into the lessons of history to discern what will be the probable outcomes in the future for investors.

Lawrence Lepard has a long history as a private equity manager and making early bets on the technology before “it was thing.” He is currently the managing partner at Equity Management Associates (EMA) which is a private investment partnership which pursues investments in companies that have growth at a reasonable price (GARP) characteristics.

We have broken down the interview into “bite sized” pieces for easier consumption.

Why Lessons From The 1900’s Are Important To Today’s Markets

How To Invest With An Activist Fed

How We Got From The Housing Bubble To Here

How To Deal With Today’s Financial Terrorists

Why The Tide Is Going Out On Interest Rates

VLOG: Why The Stock Market Is Heading For Disaster

In this presentation, Clarity Financial’s economic analyst Jesse Colombo explains why the U.S. stock market is experiencing a dangerous bubble that is going to burst violently and cause serious damage to the underlying economy.

Jesse and Clarity Financial have been very wary of following the overcrowded “buy and hold” strategy when the market is so overvalued (because reversion to the mean is inevitable), which is why we have always employed a very disciplined strategy which follows the trend of the market while it is rising, but protects capital from eventual and inevitable downturns. After having successfully navigated out of the markets in 2008 and identifying the “buying” opportunity in 2009, we continue to understand the importance of proper asset allocation, sector rotation, value and momentum based investing, and a strong, rule based, “buy/sell” investment discipline.