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Gamma Squeeze Episode (10/29/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Why Nothing Worked Yesterday SEG-2: Michael Lebowitz: The Hunt Brothers & The Gamma Squeeze SEG-3: Michael Lebowitz: How to Trim Portfolios SEG-(...)
Pre-Election Correction Episode (10/28/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Home Supply Shortage? Nah... SEG-2: What Happens When Stimulus Runs Out SEG-3: Ways & Means of Coming for Your Money SEG-4: Raising Taxes on "th(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (10/27/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Big Sell-off Monday SEG-2: Earnings Hits & Misses: No Forgiveness SEG-3: Expectation of Blue Wave Evaporating SEG-4: The Bifurcated Recovery ---(...)
Blue-Waves, Pandemics, & Stimulus--O, my! (10/26/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Weaker Opening w No Stimulus & Blue Wave fading SEG-2: Katy vs Cinco Ranch; Percentages Are Always Deceiving SEG-3: The Predictability of Financ(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (10/23/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Winter's Coming, Earnings, & Pandemics SEG-2: Retirement Fears Stoked by Pandemic SEG-3: Too Old to Trick or Treat; The Dynamics of Aging SEG-4(...)
Trump-Biden Filter Episode | The Real Investment Show (10/22/20)
SEG-1: Lance's Liberal Cousin; Ramp Up to 2020 Election SEG-2: Trump vs Biden Policies & Predictions SEG-3: Which Candidate's Policy Moves us Forward? [NOTE: Re-Edited, (...)
Trump Bump or Biden Bust Episode (10/21/20)
SEG-1: More Stimulus/No Stimulus? SEG-2: Tax Plans & Unintended Consequences SEG-3: Zoom is a Verb: Where Does Future Growth Come From? SEG-4: Stimulus vs Debt Payback --(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (10/20/20)
SEG-1: Market Exuberance Despite Poor Performance SEG-2: The Real Problem with Higher Tax Rates SEG-3: Where Stimulus Money is Actually Needed SEG-4: Stimulating Millenni(...)
Moral Hazard Monday (10/19/20)
SEG-1: Two Weeks to Election: What's the Market Risk? SEG-2: The Moral Hazard of the Federal Reserve, Pt-1 SEG-3: The Moral Hazard of the Federal Reserve, Pt-2 SEG-4: Na(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (10/16/20)
SEG-1: Talk of Stimulus (Again) Revives the Market SEG-2: The Truth About Medicare Advantage SEG-3: The Impact of Inflation on Healthcare & Medicare SEG-4: COVID & The C(...)