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April 20, 2018 The Return Of Stagflation
Nostalgia can be fun, but not when we are talking about "stagflation." Lance Roberts suggests it could be making an unwelcome return ... we break down some of the reasons why in our afternoon report!
April 20, 2018 Trump Attacks OPEC
Oil prices are dropping after President Trump accused OPEC of making them "artificially VERY High!" Plus, Wells Fargo is preparing for a $1-billion dollar fine. Check out our premkaret report!
April 19, 2018 Risk To Markets - Global Growth
When is economic growth a bad thing? We take a closer look at Lance Roberts' latest post, "Risk To Markets - Global Growth" for the answer! Check out our afternoon report!
April 19, 2018 Premarket Report - Futures Down, Oil Up
Market futures are pointing a bit lower today while oil prices are climbing. Plus, we are seeing more signs of a tightening job market. Check out our premarket report!
April 18, 2018 Tracking The Yield Curve
St. Louis Fed Chair James Bullard says we could be just six months away from a yield curve inversion. The past few times that has happened a recession was right behind. Are the Feds paying attention? Check out our afternoon report!
April 18 2018 IMF Fiscal Monitor
The IMF is raising the alarm about global debt even as it predicts the global economy will grow at a steady 3.9%. The solution? You can bet President Trump won't like it. Check out our report!
April 18, 2018 Will Oil Hit $80 a Barrel?
The markets are climbing again, and the Dow is finally expected to open above where it started the year, finally! Saudi Arabia wants to see oil prices hit at least $80 a barrel and it may soon be too costly for smaller Bitcoin miners. Check our morning report!
APRIL 17, 2018 Global Fund Managers Survey
Has the market already peaked, or do we have more room to grow? Find out what the "smart money" thinks as we look at the Bank of American/Merrill Lynch Global Fund Managers Survey!
APRIL 17, 2018 Selling The 200-Day Moving Average
What do you know about the 200-day moving average? Lance Roberts says having a simple investment strategy based on the 200-dma can make all the difference in the world. We are taking a look at his latest post in today's report!
APRIL 17 2018 China threatens American sorghum
The markets are looking to continue yesterday's rally even after China threatens to slap a 179% fee on American sorghum imports. Check out our premarket report!
April 16 2018 NAHB Housing Market Survey
The NAHB Housing Market Index dropped again. Analysts say it's just weather-related, but are there other forces affecting the entire market? Check out our afternoon report!
April 16 Tax Cuts and Economic Balance
Today is the day before tax day, so it's a good time to see how that tax cut bill is affecting us now. We are taking a look at Lance Roberts' latest blog: Tax Cuts & The Failure To Change The Economic Balance (You can guess where this is going!)
April 16, 2018 Rebounding from Friday's Losses
The markets are looking to regain all of Friday's losses after the opening bell ... but things have been so volatile it's hard to say if they will continue to climb. Plus, retail sales jumped after being down for three months. Check out our premarket report!
April 13, 2018 Premarket Back To The TPP
The markets are set to open a little higher this morning, can the rally continue? Also, President Trump is talking about getting back into the TPP. Check out our premarket report!
April 12, 2018 Americans Used To Be Savers
How much are you putting into savings? Right now the average American is saving less than 3.5% of their income, but it wasn't always this way. We are taking a closer look at Richard Rosso's latest article, "Americans Used To Be Savers."