Need A Break From The Inlaws? Your “Turkey Day” Reading List

By Lance Roberts | November 28, 2019

It’s “Thanksgiving Day,” and after the annual indulging into too much Turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, and pecan pie, you might just need a break from the family to “do some research.”

We are happy to oblige with a few of our most important articles over the last few months as they relate to where we are in the current economic and market cycle.

Consumers Are Keeping The U.S. Out Of Recession? Don’t Count On It.

“[Who is a better measure of economic strength?] Is it the consumer cranking out work hours, raising a family, and trying to make ends meet? Or the CEO of a company who is watching sales, prices, managing inventory, dealing with collections, paying bills, and managing changes to the economic landscape on a daily basis? A quick look at history shows this level of disparity (between consumer and CEO confidence) is not unusual. It happens every time prior to the onset of a recession.

, Need A Break From The Inlaws? Your “Turkey Day” Reading List

The Corporate Maginot Line

“We believe investors are being presented with a window to sidestep risk while giving up little to do so. If a great number of BBB-rated corporate bonds are downgraded, it is highly likely the prices of junk debt will plummet as supply will initially dwarf demand. It is in these types of events, as we saw in the sub-prime mortgage market ten years ago, that investors who wisely step aside can both protect themselves against losses and set themselves up to invest in generational value opportunities.”

, Need A Break From The Inlaws? Your “Turkey Day” Reading List

Corporate Profits Are Worse Than You Think

“If the economy is slowing down, revenue and corporate profit growth will decline also. However, it is this point which the ‘bulls’ should be paying attention to. Many are dismissing currently high valuations under the guise of ‘low interest rates,’ however, the one thing you should not dismiss, and cannot make an excuse for, is the massive deviation between the market and corporate profits after tax. The only other time in history the difference was this great was in 1999.”

, Need A Break From The Inlaws? Your “Turkey Day” Reading List

Who Is Funding Uncle Sam

“Unfortunately, two of the largest buyers/holders of U.S. Treasury debt (China and the Federal Reserve) are no longer pulling their weight. More concerning, this is occurring as the amount of Treasury debt required to fund government spending is growing rapidly. The consequences of this drastic change in the supply and demand picture for U.S. Treasury debt are largely being ignored.”

, Need A Break From The Inlaws? Your “Turkey Day” Reading List

The Disconnect Between The Markets & Economy Has Grown

“The stock market has returned almost 103.6% since the 2007 peak, which is more than 4-times the growth in GDP and nearly 3-times the increase in corporate revenue. (I have used SALES growth in the chart below as it is what happens at the top line of income statements and is not AS subject to manipulation.)

The all-time highs in the stock market have been driven by the $4 trillion increase in the Fed’s balance sheet, hundreds of billions in stock buybacks, and valuation (PE) expansion. With Price-To-Sales ratios and median stock valuations near the highest in history, one should question the ability to continue borrowing from the future?”

, Need A Break From The Inlaws? Your “Turkey Day” Reading List

Investors Are Grossly Underestimating The Fed – RIA PRO UNLOCKED

“The market has a long history of grossly underestimating, in both directions, what the Fed will do. The implications to stocks and bonds can be meaningful. To the extent one is inclined and so moved to exercise prudence, now seems to be a unique opportunity to have a plan and take action when necessary.”

, Need A Break From The Inlaws? Your “Turkey Day” Reading List

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Appreciative & Thankful Team At RIA Advisors

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Lance Roberts is a Chief Portfolio Strategist/Economist for RIA Advisors. He is also the host of “The Lance Roberts Podcast” and Chief Editor of the “Real Investment Advice” website and author of “Real Investment Daily” blog and “Real Investment Report“. Follow Lance on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube
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