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Financial Fitness Friday (11/22/19)
The Difference Between Traders and Investors; Creating Your Stock Selection Alpha; Top 4 Financial Planning Rules; RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, w Danny Ratliff, CFP
The Absurdity Spewed from Market Peaks (11/21/19)
The Fed preaches to Congress about debt; the Senate passes a bill condemning China over Hong Kong protests, while Trump's trying for a trade deal; the Visual Capitalist: (...)
China, China, China: (11/20/19)
Thanksgiving vs Christmas? Our countdown to the holidays continues; Presidential Secrets, China Trade Deal vs Senate Bill; what teens want for Christmas; the Popeye's Chi(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (11/19/19)
The Turkey Trot, Burger King's vegan grill, what to watch on Day-3 of the Impeachment Hearings (hint: something else); Home Depot reporting; as an economic indicator; War(...)
11-18-19 The Continuing Problem of Debt
Thanksgiving menus, used Christmas trees, and Colin Kapernick's amazing disappearing press conference; the difference between Ronald Reagan's tax cuts then vs now; Califo(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (11/15/19)
How much will your Medicare premium increase in 2020? RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, w Danny Ratliff, CFP also have financial planning rules (...)
The Muddled Monetary Policy of the Fed (11/14/19)
Translation of the latest Fed Speak by Chairman Jerome Powell; Disney TV's magical launch; How we should be measuring inflation (not the way the government is doing it no(...)
Preparing for Year End Planning (11/13/19)
Market Analysis and Commentary with RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts and Danny Ratliff, CFP
Technically Speaking Tuesday (11/12/19)
Baby, it's cold outside; Market concerns over tariffs is a daily roller coaster--the real catalyst is the Fed's non-QE/Quantitative Easing; why the second week in Decembe(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (11/8/19)
Financial Fitness Friday (11/8/19: So today's video feed was a bust (thank you, Microsoft), but we DO have an audio podcast of this morning's #FinancialFitnessFriday epis(...)
China Trade and a TIP for Defense (11/7/19)
Looking ahead to Veteran's Day; the wussification of America and sports scores; Taxing Billionaires: Why Billionaires Should Exist; Competition always creates winners and(...)
The Most Profitable Company in the World (11/6/19)
Where's the Cold? A Climate Change "Solution;" Life at The Ratliff's; Market summary: Markets are extremely over-bought; The Evolution of Trading; Why Cheaper Services ar(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (11/5/19)
Market Analysis and Commentary with RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts
Monday Morning Edition (11/4/19)
The fallout from falling-back to standard time; markets run by algorithms have false response to Trade War headlines; Wilbur Ross proclaims US loss in trade war: We have (...)
Financial Fitness Friday 11/1/19
The latest Social Security scams, the Truth About Medicare Advantage, and 5 Tips to Increase Your Retirement Cash Flow: Richard Rosso, Director of Financial Planning, with Danny Ratliff, CFP
What the Fed Said (10/31/19)
The economics of Halloween; dog costumes, and the Astro's loss in the World Series; Portfolio Manager Michael Lebowitz, CFA joins RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist(...)
Will the Fed Trick or Treat? (10/30/19)
Market Analysis and Commentary from Lance Roberts w Danny Ratliff, CFP
Technically Speaking Tuesday (10/29/19)
Houston Astros, the World Series, and Joe Buck Bingo, and JJ Watt; Markets are back to over bought levels; if you're a bull, what's not to like about this market? Why Cap(...)
The Message from Margin Debt 10/28/19
Market analysis and commentary by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts
Financial Fitness Friday (10/25/19)
Tips to Avoid a "Save Taxes Now" Mentality, Savvy Medicare Advice, and how more saving would lessen retirement risk: Richard Rosso, Director of Financial Planning, w Danny Ratliff, CFP.
Tis Better to Receive Than to Give? (10/24/19)
Market Analysis and Commentary w RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts and Portfolio Manager Michael Lebowitz, CFA
Is The Economy Really That Great? (10/23/19)
Market analysis and commentary by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts w Danny Ratliff, CFP
Technically Speaking Tuesday (10/22/19)
The pending World Series contest between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals will be an on-going thread throughout this morning's show; a big week for quarter(...)
It's Now or Never for the Bulls (10/21/19)
Market analysis and commentary from RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts
Financial Fitness Friday (10/18/19)
Teaching your kids about money; the Bertha Cabella podcast interview preview; getting ready for Medicare Open Enrollment;
Monetary Policy vs The Gold Standard (10/17/19)
The ironic similarities between Brexit and the ongoing trade "talks" between the US and China; Boris Johnson vs Donald Trump Hair; Texas Weather; Thanksgiving at The Robe(...)
Did Fed Launch of Latest QE Spur a Market Rally?(10/16/19)
The importance of Trust in Currency; Tips for Avoiding Tax Mistakes; How the Fed's latest round of QE (that's NOT QE) rallied Wall Street; Astro's Win; Dem Debate no ment(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (10/15/19)
As the next Earnings Season cycle emerges, weaker GDP Growth is expected to be reflected in coming reports; Bulls are getting QE and Trade but remain stuck in the middle;(...)
China Trade "deal", Social Credit, and Capitalism (10/14/19)
The latest China Trade "deal" is no deal for the US; parking fun and games at the Austin Music Festival; Lance's Mom and her new mobile phone; Houston's winningest pro te(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (10-11-19)
What market volatility means to you; understanding ROTH Five-year Rules; how to teach your kids about money; our MyBlocks primer, with Director of Financial Planning, Ric(...)