The Lance Roberts Show - Video

Shortcomings in Retirement Planning / Financial Fitness Friday (9/25/20)
SEG-1: Joe Mannix Market Commentary SEG-2: Mike Cannon & Where NOT to Live in Retirement SEG-3: Politics vs Policy: Don't Take it Out on Your Money SEG-4: Real Inflatio(...)
Markets' Response to Unsettling News (9/24/20)
SEG-1: An Orderly Sell-off: Markets Aren't Done SEG-2: The Largest Pull-back Since March; What Comes Next? SEG-3: Has Jerome Powell "Done All [He] Can"? SEG-4: Implicatin(...)
Continuing Saga of Continuing Resolutions (9/23/20)
SEG-1: Morning Commentary: Continuing Resolutions Continue SEG-2: The Value of a Business SEG-3: CBO Report: More Debt = Less Growth SEG-4: Teaching Kids Value of Work; H(...)
Is the Market Sell-off Over? / Technically Speaking Tuesday (9/22/20)
SEG-1: Are Markets Ready to Rally? SEG-2: The Bifurcation of Wealth SEG-3: What Everyone Wants to Wknow From the Bail-out King SEG-4: Maybe the Fed's Not the Answer ----(...)
What Impact Will Ginsburg's Death Have on Markets? (9/21/20)
SEG-1: Markets Impacted by SCOTUS Selection SEG-2: The Efficacy of Social Media Platforms as Investments SEG-3: Investment Strategy for Presidential Election Years SEG-4:(...)
The Coming COLA, & Household Retirement Shock/Financial Fitness Friday (9/18/20)
SEG-1: Market Trade Evolves from Shelter-at-home SEG-2: Realtor Tales & Financial Advice SEG-3: Household Retirement Shock SEG-4: Nat'l Cheeseburger Day, Balding, and the(...)
What the Fed Said...and Didn't Say (9/17/20)
SEG-1: Market Response to What the Fed Didn't Say SEG-2: How the Fed's New "Inflation Averaging" Policy Works (It Doesn't) SEG-3: The Fed Punts to the White House SEG-4: (...)
The Fed Preview Episode (9/16/20)
SEG-1: Fed Meeting Preview: The Fed's Problem Child SEG-2: Most-popular YouTuber's; 2020 Election Preview SEG-3: Trump vs Biden Tax Policies: What's at Stake SEG-4: The S(...)
Our Social Dilemma: The Hidden Threat / Technically Speaking Tuesday (9/15/20)
SEG-1: 45-Days to Election Day: Is Everything Priced-in? SEG-2: Our Social Dilemma: The Hidden Threat, Pt-1 SEG-3: Our Social Dilemma: The Hidden Threat, Pt-2 SEG-4: The (...)
The Sell-off to Rally Episode (9/14/20)
SEG-1: The Bifurcated Economy: Jobs & Working from Home; The Coffin Confessor SEG-2: Social Justice and Wealth Transfer Potentials SEG-3: Softbank, Options-trading, Wewo(...)
529's & 401-K's: Smart Money Moves/Financial Fitness Friday (9/11/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Where Do We Go From Here? SEG-2: Legacies Lost to COVID; Succession Planning SEG-3: 529 Plans: Facts, Fictions, and Foresight SEG-4: National 40(...)
Is the Correction Over? (9/10/20)
SEG-1: SCOTUS Picks, Less COVID Relief; Markets Rally & Bounce SEG-2: Lance's Liberal Cousin; Pulling Forward Consumption SEG-3: Common Core Math, Cursive Writing, Correc(...)
The Millennial Wealth Distribution Episode (9/9/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Just Another 'Normal' Correction SEG-2: Back to School & The Knock-off Effects of COVID on Economy SEG-3: This Show is No Fun: Dieting Math SEG-(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (9/8/20)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Is It 1998 All Over Again? SEG-2: The Problem With Purchasing Options Contracts (Hint: They expire) SEG-3: Election Season: How Politicians are (...)
Financial Fitness Friday 9/4/20)
SEG-1: Market Exuberance - The Bear Got Poked SEG-2: The Best Investment for Retirement is No Investment SEG-3: Boneless Chicken Wings & Trump's Payroll Tax Deferral SEG-(...)
The Market Melt-up Episode (9/3/20)
Today's recording is in two parts: Pt-1: SEG-1: Market Exuberance - Nothing Like it Since 1999 Pt-2: SEG-2: The Stock Market is the Economy as Consumers Spend...or Don't(...)
Annuities--Should You, or Shouldn't You? (9/2/20)
SEG-1: The Fallout from CDC's "No Evictions" SEG-2: What Happens When the Government Pays SEG-3: The Truth and Pitfalls of ROTH IRA's SEG-4: Annuities - The World's Most (...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (9/1/20)
SEG-1: Used Car Values & August Market Performance SEG-2: Drone Season; How Weaker Economic Data Affects Election SEG-3: Teens in the House; The Margin Debt Indicator SEG(...)
Say Goodbye to August (8/31/20/20)
Market Analysis & Commentary from RIA Advisos Chief Investment Strategist, Lance Roberts
Financial Fitness Friday (8/28/20)
SEG-1: It's Jerome Powell's World (We just live in it) SEG-2: Fed-sparked Inflation: Will it Float? SEG-3: Moonjars and ROTH Conversions SEG-4: The Waffle House Index & P(...)
Fed Policy Preview (8/27/20)
SEG-1: The Masked Weatherman; The Jackson Hole Meeting SEG-2: The Fed's New Tool! SEG-3: The Negative Effect of Interest Rates on Economic Growth SEG-4: Apple vs Amazon -(...)
The Pre-Hurricane Episode (8/26/20)
SEG-1: Market Momentum Doesn't Translate into Economic Growth SEG-2: Bump Music; Politics & Promising the Moon SEG-3: The Expiry of Federal Stimulus SEG-4: Allowing Infla(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (8/25/20)
SEG-1: Transformation of Dow Index from "Industrials" SEG-2: Hurricane Preparedness & HEB; Changes in the Dow SEG-2: The Root of Wealth Insecurity SEG-4: 1920 vs 2020: (...)
The COVID Rally 8/24/20)
SEG-1: Hurricanes, COVID, and Costco--O, my! SEG-2: Universial Basic Income & The Problem of Productivity SEG-3: NABE: Recession to End by 2021? SEG-4: Hurricanes & Oil(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (8/21/20)
SEG-1: The Consequences of a Fed-Fueled Market SEG-2: The Next Generation of Investors SEG-3: How Much to Retire - Where It Goes Farthest SEG-4: DOL: How Much Cash from(...)
The Value Episode (8/20/20)
SEG-1: Democracy in Jeopardy? SEG-2: Is Apple Worth All That & A Bag of Chips? SEG-3: The Deviation Between Growth & Value Stocks SEG-4: The Best Way to Manage Risk ---(...)
The Coming Income Cliff (8/19/20)
SEG-1: Markets Achieve New All-time highs: Bulls Aren't Done SEG-2: The Coming Income Cliff SEG-3: The 4% Retirement Myth SEG-4: COVID Life & The Death of Defined Benefi(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (8/18/20)
SEG-1: Markets Can't Hit New All-time highs: What to do about it SEG-2: Q-2 Earnings & Explicatives: Are You Getting What You're Paying For? SEG-3: The Mirage of Economic(...)
Wealth Tax Episode (8/17/20)
SEG-1: The COVID Vaccine is Coming Soon--you go first SEG-2: The Problem with Taxing the Rich SEG-3: Government is Never About Spending Less, But Taxing More SEG-4: Th(...)
8/14/20 Financial Fitness Friday
SEG-1: Creative COVID Masking & The Fed's COVID Backdrop SEG-2: Euphemisms for Delivering Bad News; Short-Term vs Long-Term Focus SEG-3: Economic Reality vs Market Rea(...)