Real Investment Hour - Video

Real Investment Hour 12/14/17
Richard Rosso and Danny Ratliff are in control tonight. We're talking about Bitcoin, tax reform, Bitcoin, end-of-year strategies and, time permitting, Bitcoin! Tune in!
Real Investment Hour 12/13/2017
The Feds raised interest rates and the GOP says it has a tax bill. Lance Roberts will be talking about it all, you don't want to miss a minute!
Real Investment Hour 12/12/17
The Dow and S&P hit new highs the day before the Fed's expected rate hike. What does that mean for your money? Lance has the answers! Tune in to find out!
Real Investment Hour 12/11/2017
Lance Roberts is in 'da house and breaking down all of the top financial headlines. With just a few weeks left in the year, you don't want to miss a minute!
Real Investment Hour 12/07/17
Is the cooler weather cooling down the action on Wall Street, too? Join Richard Rosso and Danny Ratliff as they look at what moved the markets today. Tune In!
Real Investment Hour 12/06/17
Lance Roberts is in control and taking a closer look at the news that is affecting the markets. Don't Miss Out!
Real Investment Hour 12/05/17
Tonight Richard Rosso and Danny Ratliff welcome RealMoney Contributor Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle to talk about what the markets are going to do next! Don't miss out!
Real Investment Hour 12/04/17
Happy Monday! The markets jumped up quickly but fell back to earth by the time the closing bell rang. Wanna know why? Lance Roberts has the answer! Tune In Now!
Real Investment Hour 11/30/17
The Dow crossed 24k for the first time in history! Are you running with the bulls? Join Richard Rosso, Danny Ratliff and special guest Byron Kidder as they talk about how(...)
Real Investment Hour 11/29/17
Lance Roberts is back and there is a lot to talk about. The Dow hit another record high, the economy is growing and a tax reform vote is coming! Tune in now!
Real Investment Hour 11/28/17
Richard Rosso and Danny Ratilff are in control and talking about the markets and our investing manifesto! Don't miss this one!
Real Investment Hour 11/27/17
Danny Ratliff is taking the reins on this Cyber Monday, and he is talking with cyber security expert Wayne Springer about the new ways the bad guys are getting your information! You gotta watch!
Real Investment Hour 11/22/17
Plan to spend a lot on Black Friday? Don't do anything without listening to Richard Rosso and Byron Kidder! Tune in now!
Real Investment Hour 11/21/17
It was another record day on the market ... how is that going to affect your retirement? Richard Rosso and Danny Ratliff are here to talk money, money, money! Join us!
Real Investment Hour 11/20/17
It's Thanksgiving Day week and we are getting ready! Richard Rosso is ready to answer all your cooking questions ... just kidding! It's all about money, money, money!