Real Investment Hour - Video

Real Investment Hour 10/19/2017
The Dow closed above 23k for a second day in a row. Is it too late to get into the market? Richard Rosso and Danny Ratliff have some thoughts on tonight's RIH!
Real Investment Hour 10/18/2017
The Dow finally closed above 23k ... Lance Roberts predicts it will cross 24k in just 23 trading days! Tune in to find out why!
Real Investment Hour 10/17/2017
The markets keep hitting record highs, the Dow briefly crossed 23k ... and what are you doing with your money!? Join Richard Rosso & Danny Ratliff share their insight!
Real Investment Hour 10/12/2017
Richard Rosso talks about who may be next to lead the Fed, how to maximize your benefits at work and make the most of your money! Don't miss it!
Real Investment Hour 10/11/2017
Lance Roberts talks about the evil of corporate stock buybacks and says valuations are really, really, really, really expensive! Don't miss today's show!
Real Investment Hour 10/10/2017
Richard Rosso and Danny Ratliff break down the day's big economic headlines and take a look at what investors can expect to happen next!
Real Investment Hour
Join Lance Roberts as he breaks down the day's biggest economic headlines and looks where the market is headed next.