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Interview: Daniel Ruiz – The Automotive Mania

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan 27, 2021
Daniel Ruiz, Interview: Daniel Ruiz – The Automotive ManiaPRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION

RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts w Auto Sector expert, Daniel Ruiz, in a comparative discussion of financing the biggest ticket items we’ll ever purchase, houses and cars.

Lance Roberts with Blinders Off Research Founder, Daniel Ruiz, on the ins and outs of Automotive Financing, and why zero-percent lending isn’t such a hot idea.

Lance Roberts w Blinders Off Research founder Daniel Ruiz with the unintended and devastating ripple effect Cash For Clunkers wreaked on the auto industry.

Lance Roberts w Blinders Off Research founder, Daniel Ruiz, reveal the ebb and flow of car sales patterns, and how investors can profit from this knowledge.

Lance Roberts w automotive researcher, Daniel Ruiz, Blinders Off, LLC, on the dynamics inside the Auto Sector, and the surprising threat to the industry that is of its own making.

Lance Roberts continues the conversation post-podcast with Automotive Sector Analyst Daniel Ruiz, talking about Tesla; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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