Clarity Financial (which publishes this website specializes in preserving and growing investor wealth in risky times like these. We are a Houston, Texas-based registered investment advisory firm with over $400 million worth of assets under management.
Our Chief Investment Strategist/Economist Lance Roberts has been in the investing world for over 25 years and is a well-known financial radio show host and media commentator.  
As a firm, we are wary of following the overcrowded “buy and hold” strategy when the market is so overvalued (a major bear market is inevitable), but we still use a trend-following trading system to make sure we capture upside while the bull market/bubble is still alive. We are realistic market opportunists rather than people who hide away in a bunker. When we determine that the market trend and economic cycle has truly changed, we then shift our clients into highly-liquid safe-havens that typically rise when risk assets like stocks fall. 
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