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Why Wage Growth Will Remain Elusive

Written by Lance Roberts | Jul, 20, 2017

Just recently, Bloomberg ran a fascinating article discussing a new study from the McKinsey Institute. “American manufacturing could be poised to rebound as technological disruption shakes up global production chains,…

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People Buy Payments & Why Rates Can’t Rise

Written by Lance Roberts | Jul, 17, 2017

This past week, the lovely, and talented, Danielle DiMartino-Booth and I shared a discussion on the ongoing debate of why “Rates Must Rise.”   Debt drives rates lower….not higher. Debt…

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Yellen, Employment & Policy Errors

Written by Lance Roberts | Jul, 13, 2017

In Janet Yellen’s semi-annual testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday, she made reference to the ongoing strength of employment as one of the reasons for continuing to “normalize” monetary policy by…

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The Breaking Point & Death Of Keynes

Written by Lance Roberts | Jul, 8, 2017

You can almost hear the announcer for the movie trailer; “In a world stricken by financial crisis, a country plagued by spiraling deficits and cities on the verge of collapse…

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7-Myths Of Investing

Written by Lance Roberts | Jul, 6, 2017

Over the years, I have regularly addressed the psychological and emotional pitfalls which ultimately lead individual investors to poor outcomes. The internet is regularly littered with a stream of articles…

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The “Big Lie” Of Market Indexes

Written by Lance Roberts | Jul, 3, 2017

Last week, I received the following email from a reader which I thought was worth further discussion. “In a recent article “Signs of Excess – Crowding and Innovation” Lance stated…

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Signs Of Excess: Crowding & Innovation

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun, 26, 2017

I have regularly written about the many shortcomings of human psychology when it comes to investing. More importantly, while the emotions of “greed” and “fear” are the predominant drivers of…

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Data Says Fed Is Making A Mistake

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun, 22, 2017

Data Says Fed Is Making A Mistake In their policy announcement last week, the members of the FOMC claimed: “Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in May…

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Technically Speaking: The Evaporation Of Risk

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun, 20, 2017

“Technically Speaking” is a regular Tuesday commentary updating current market trends and highlighting shorter-term investment strategies, risks, and potential opportunities. Please send any comments or questions directly to me via Email,…

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The Rise Of Robots & The Risk To Passive

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun, 15, 2017

In Tuesday’s post, “A Shot Across The Bow,” I discussed the recent “Tech Wreck” and the warning sign that was delivered when trading algorithms begin to run in the same…

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Animal Spirits Are A Late-Stage Event

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun, 12, 2017

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter about the “Return Of Animal Spirits” as the catalyst to drive markets higher…and higher…and higher. But exactly what does that mean? Animal…

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QT: Liquidity Drain

Written by Lance Roberts | Jun, 8, 2017

With the markets breaking out to new highs, it is not surprising to see a continued stream of analysis grappling for bits of data to support the bullish mantra. As…

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