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Annuities: The Good, Bad & Ugly

By admin | April 20, 2016

, Annuities: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Are you getting ready:

  • To retire?
  • Have retired?
  • Or have recently lost or changed your job?

If so, you have probably been solicited to buy an annuity or some other type of “insurance product” that promises great returns with “no risk” to your principal.

If so, STOP!.

This presentation covers the benefits of annuities and insurance products in your financial plan but also  the traps, sales schemes, and pitfalls of them as well.

Just like with the financial markets, when someone is pitching you an annuity as being a “no lose” proposition, grab your wallet.

Richard and I will take the time to walk you through the realities of

  1. How to use an annuity to stabilize your retirement income.

  2. When to use an annuity and when not to.

  3. Why those “guaranteed returns” aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

  4. The good side of annuities as well as the bad.

This presentation could save you thousands of dollars in retirement and keep you from making one of the most critical mistakes individuals make when setting up their plan.

If you would like to access this recorded webinar please click here.

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