Cartography Corner

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Aug, 4, 2017

In the August edition of Cartography Corner, Global Technical Analysis (GTA) supplements their unique technical perspective with Elliott Wave Analysis to provide a long term study of the S&P 500….

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22 Troublesome Facts

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jul, 26, 2017

olicy. In what we would consider to be a therapeutic exercise, 22 Troublesome Facts is a review of some of the bigger issues that continue to hold our attention. Our…

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High Yield IED

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jul, 19, 2017

“What we’re seeing is an increase in the evolutionary pace of IED (improvised explosive device) design. It’s increasing at a pace we previously haven’t seen.”  – Ben Venzke The traditional…

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Decoding Yellen’s Message

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jul, 12, 2017

“I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant” – Alan Greenspan On…

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Clarity or Confusion

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jun, 28, 2017

“Are you kidding? Are you kidding? No one knows what you’re doing.”  – Economist John Taylor in response to William Dudley’s (President Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Vice Chairman…

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The Fog of Markets

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jun, 14, 2017

 “The year 1915 was fated to be disastrous to the cause of the Allies and to the whole world. By the mistakes of this year the opportunity was lost of…

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The Risk Spectrum

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jun, 9, 2017

“Cause when life looks like Easy Street, there is danger at your door” – Grateful Dead On numerous occasions, we have posited that equity investors appear to be blinded by…

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