Fables, Fairy Tales and the Gold Standard

Written by Erik Lytikainen | Feb, 13, 2019

President Trump often tweets about the strength and health of the U.S. economy, and two weeks ago, he tweeted that the U.S. economy was the Gold Standard throughout the World….

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Economics on Gilligan’s Island

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Feb, 6, 2019

Economics on Gilligan’s Island Famed economist Henry Hazlitt wrote the economics classic, Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics. The book is quite popular…

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Quick Take: January 30, 2019 Fed Meeting

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jan, 31, 2019

NOTE: This article was released yesterday to our RIA PRO subscribers. For timely, actionable information, you can get a FREE trial now by entering the CODE: PRO30. The statement and…

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Price To Forecasted Hope

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jan, 30, 2019

There are countless ways to evaluate equities, and they all have glaring flaws. Equity valuation is not a science with predictive formulas. It is subjective, and the formulas themselves and…

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How To Use Op-Ex Price Magnets

Written by Erik Lytikainen | Jan, 25, 2019

All Quiet on the Western Front is a 1929 novel which describes German soldiers’ extreme physical and mental stress during World War I, and subsequent detachment from civilian life felt…

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Two Percent for the One Percent

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Jan, 23, 2019

“Gradual inflation has a numbing effect. It impoverishes the lower and middle class, but they don’t notice.”—Andrew Bosomworth, PIMCO Germany, as quoted in Der Spiegel Media reports and political candidates…

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