Nowhere to Hide

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Apr, 25, 2018

The following article was originally a PowerPoint presentation that highlights several aspects of recent price movements across assets classes and within equity industry sectors. Many investors are unfamiliar with these…

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Quick Take: Is Hypervolatility Signaling a Bottom?

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Apr, 23, 2018

The steady gains accompanied by the historically low volatility of 2017 have vanished. Given this new trading atmosphere, we must contemplate whether the recent spate of volatility and lower prices…

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Triffin Warned Us

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Apr, 18, 2018

Trade negotiations and threatening global tariff volleys are contributing to significant volatility in the financial markets. Although applicable in many ways, the Smoot-Hawley protectionist act of 1930 is unfairly emphasized…

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Contours of The Correction

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Apr, 4, 2018

In early February, the markets experienced some turmoil. Volatility spiked, stocks sold off roughly 10% and credit spreads widened. These were strange events given that over the prior 15 months…

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Quick Take: GDP Linked Bonds?

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Mar, 30, 2018

There is a core concept in finance that states that an investor should be properly compensated for the amount of risk taken. While central banks have certainly distorted the amount…

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Fasten Your Seat Belt, Turbulence Ahead

Written by Michael Lebowitz | Mar, 21, 2018

U.S. Treasury securities across the maturity spectrum are reaching yield resistance levels that have proven for decades to be extremely valuable to investors engaged in technical analysis. We believe it…

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Written by Michael Lebowitz | Mar, 14, 2018

“Stability breeds instability.” – Hyman Minsky The answer to the title of this article, the polite version of which is “Buy The Dip or Sell The Rally”, may well be…

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