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5 Strategies For A Successful Retirement

By Lance Roberts | July 8, 2016

, 5 Strategies For A Successful Retirement

Are you getting close to OR have retired?

  • Recently had a job change?
  • Experienced a layoff?
  • Had an unexpected life event that has changed plans?

Those issues alone are enough to overwhelm most individuals, but combine that with:

  • A Weak Economic Environment
  • A Change In The Presidency
  • Extremely Overvalued and Extended Markets
  • Surging Debt Levels
  • And, Central Bankers Gone Wild…

Well, you get the idea….

Risk has risen markedly for something to derail your retirement plans – permanently.

5 Strategies For A Successful Retirement 

This webinar covers the strategies and concepts you need to consider to have a secure and successful retirement.

Richard will take the time to walk you trough:

  1. How to avoid the dogma of old portfolio distribution rules.
  2. What investments should you avoid at all costs? We’ll tell you.
  3. Learn how to fine-tune your savings and spending strategies to wind up with more dollars down the road.
  4. Are your plans realistic or are you cruisin for a bruisin?
  5. Have you considered getting the most out of Social Security and tax-smart strategies to get the most out of your money in retirement?

This presentation could save you thousands of dollars in retirement and keep you from making critical mistakes with your money.

If you would like to access this recorded webinar please click here.

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