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5 Mistakes Your Advisor Makes

By admin | March 23, 2016

, 5 Mistakes Your Advisor Makes

It’s no surprise that crashing oil prices are impacting the Houston economy and it is beginning to take its toll on people just like you. If you have recently been laid off, retired or have transitioned to another job, you have quite a few financial decisions that you need to make. And you are not alone.

The problem is that many financial advisors and planners , in a quest to get to sell you a product or service, make promises full of rosie and overly optimistic projections. The problem for you, is that those optimistic projections rarely work out and leave you in a financial jam at the time you need your money the most.

From using overly optimistic projections, not understanding the economic environment that we operate in today, and the impact of future returns on your retirement savings and more.  We will also cover what NOT to do when rolling over your 401k plan and the traps and pitfalls of using annuities in your planning.

These topics are all covered.

If you would like to access this recorded webinar please click here.

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