10 Planning Rules that Drive Financial Success

By Eric Theriot | April 18, 2020

, 10 Planning Rules that Drive Financial Success

Are You A “Basement” Thinker?

Too often, we tend to focus on individual stocks and other investments that will hopefully lead to wealth. 

While that is O.K., it isn’t enough.

The issue is investing without a sound “plan” is the same as building a house without a “blueprint.” Yes, you will get something, but it probably won’t be the result you set out to get.

Be A Rooftop Thinker!

By starting with a proper plan you take into account all assets, liabilities and sources of income. From there it becomes much easier to focus on the investments YOU NEED to meet your financial goals.

Work from rooftop to basement for financial success!

Investment Manager, Lance Roberts and Certified Financial Planner, Richard Rosso we’ll help you understand:

  1. How proper Social Security and Medicare strategies can boost retirement income,
  2. Our concept of financial life benchmarking which is there to help you become more self aware of your financial goals, wants and needs,
  3. How using the wrong, or enthusiastic investment returns can place your retirement in jeopardy,
  4. When housing decisions in retirement can affect your quality of life, and;
  5. The art of talking about your gifting and estate intentions with loved ones.

This 30-minute webinar can keep your from making costly investment mistakes and help bring clarity to your future financial plan.

If you would like to access this recorded webinar please click here.

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