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TheStreet.Com – Gold Run Not Over

Written by admin | Dec, 5, 2013

gold-barDuring my trip to NYC last week I swung by TheStreet.com to visit with Gregg Greenberg about the recent decline in Gold prices.  Personally, I have no affinity for gold as a hedge against economic collapse – it is an asset that can be bought when it is cheap and sold when it is expensive.  

During the interview I reference the call to “sell” gold last August during the parabolic spike which can be seen in our article “Death Of The Gold Bull Market” which details our view on gold and our recent calls to accumulate gold at these levels.  

With the wedding season starting in India, the Chinese government’s recent purchases of gold and most likely further stimulative action from the Fed sparking inflation fears – we still think the psychological “fear trade” of gold is yet to be finished.

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