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Technically Speaking: The “Walking Dead” Market – 3000 or 1500?

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar, 20, 2018

“Technically Speaking” is a regular Tuesday commentary updating current market trends and highlighting shorter-term investment strategies, risks, and potential opportunities. Please send any comments or questions directly to me via Email, Facebook or Twitter. In May of…

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Technically Speaking: Chart Of The Year?

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar, 13, 2018

Well, I jinxed it. In this past weekend’s missive I wrote: “There are generally two events that happen every year – somebody forgets their coat, goggles or some other article…

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Technically Speaking: Eating Sardines

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar, 6, 2018

This past weekend, I discussed the recent weekly violation of the market back below its respective 50-dma and the triggering of actions in our underlying portfolios. ‘If the market fails…

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Technically Speaking: It Bears Repeating

Written by Lance Roberts | Mar, 2, 2018

My friend, Doug Kass, recently penned an interesting note in his daily diary entitled “It Bears Repeating.” To wit: “Several acquaintances I have that have consistently had bearish market outlooks acquiesced…

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Technically Speaking: The Bear Still Cometh

Written by Lance Roberts | Feb, 20, 2018

In our portfolio management practice, we focus on weekly and monthly data to smooth out daily volatility. Since we are longer-term investors, our focus remains on being invested during rising…

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Technically Speaking: Is The Correction Over?

Written by Lance Roberts | Feb, 13, 2018

Over the last couple of months, we have been warning of an impending correction due to the massive extension above longer-term moving averages. To wit: “Just remember, bull-runs are a…

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Has The Oil Correction Started?

Written by Jesse Colombo | Feb, 10, 2018

One week ago, I published a piece in which I showed how large funds (also considered to be “dumb money”) had accumulated a massive bullish position in crude oil, which…

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Technically Speaking: Tis But A Flesh Wound

Written by Lance Roberts | Feb, 6, 2018

In this past weekend’s missive, I discussed the recent market sell-off: “Well, this past week, the market tripped ‘over its own feet’ after prices had created a massive extension above the…

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Technically Speaking: What Exactly Is “RSI?”

Written by Lance Roberts | Jan, 23, 2018

I get lots of questions from readers regarding the various technical indicators discussed in our “Technically Speaking” posts and in our weekly Real Investment Reports. While we often discuss the signals these…

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Technically Speaking: It’s A Wrap

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 26, 2017

In last week’s Technical Update, I discussed the similarities between 1999, 2007 and currently. To wit: “With the markets within striking distance of Nasdaq 7000, Dow 25000 and S&P 2700,…

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Technically Speaking: 2700 By Christmas?

Written by Lance Roberts | Dec, 12, 2017

This past weekend, I discussed the current extension of the market. To wit:  “In the short-term, the market trends are CLEARLY bullish, very overbought, but nonetheless bullish.” “As such, our portfolios…

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